Healthy Indian Mithai or Sweets

Indian healthy dessert recipes are given to make sweets or mithai quickly at home in an easy and simple way that makes very tasty, tempting and nutritious desserts or mithai. Some of these are completely free from any cholesterol and fat, while others are of reduced fat variety.

Indian desserts recipes are generally based on khoya or mawa or highly thickened milk, paneer (Paneer recipe) and besan (chickpea flour). Sugar and gur (jaggery) are used for sweetness in all the Indian desserts. Commonly used healthy garnishings are almond, cardamom, pistachios, water melon seeds, raisin, saffron and rose water. Favourite Indian delicacies include rasgulla, jalebi, ladoo and sooji ka halwa.

What makes a dessert healthy?

A dessert is healthy if it contains healthy ingredients and not too much fat and sugar.

Following are Indian desserts which are quick and simple to make at home.

  1. Nutrition Value of Milk
  2. How to make ghee (clarified butter)?
  3. How to make chasni recipe
  4. How to make Khoya or Mawa?
  5. Rasmalai recipe
  6. Rasgulla recipe
  7. Pineapple Sandesh recipe
  8. Burfi recipe
  9. Khajur burfi recipe, dates nutrition
  10. Kaju Katli
  11. Pista Roll recipe
  12. Pista Burfi
  13. Kalakand
  14. Shrikhand recipe
  15. Kheer Recipe
  16. Corn kheer recipe
  17. Phirni recipe
  18. Badam Burfi
  19. Mawa Kachori recipe
  20. Binach Sweet Rice recipe
  21. Kasaar Aata Gud Burfi
  22. Moong ki daal ka halwa or seera recipe
  23. Moong dal ladoo recipe
  24. Urad dal ladoo Sunnundalu laddu recipe
  25. Carrot Halwa recipe
  26. Sooji Halwa
  27. Gulab Jamun recipe

    Milk Shakes, Smoothies and other Desserts

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  29. Mango Ice Cream & Lassi recipe
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  31. Apple Calories
  32. Banana Smoothie recipe
  33. Calories & Nutrition In Banana
  34. Strawberry Smoothie recipes
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  37. Shredded Wheat Cereal
  38. Marshmallow recipe

Healthy dessert recipes | How to make chasni | Khoya or Mawa recipe| Nutrition facts of Milk | Ras Malai recipe | Rasgulla recipe | Milk Burfi | Almond burfi recipe | Khajoor burfi | Kaju Katli recipe | Shrikhand recipe | Kheer Recipe | Gulab Jamun recipe | Carrot halwa recipe | Sooji halwa recipe| Moon dal halwa recipe| Kasaar Aata Gud Burfi | Besan ladoo recipe | Calories in Rasgulla | Calories in Gulab Jamun

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