Vegetarian Snack Recipes

Vegetarian healthy snacks recipes given here make very tasty and tempting snacks quickly at home. Some of these are completely free from any cholesterol and fat, while others are of reduced fat variety.

The indian snacks include samosa, tikki, bonda, kofta, mirchi bada, pani puri, khaman dhokla, etc. Bhujia, pakoda, etc, are also Indian snacks. Most of the Indian snacks are deep fried in oil or vanaspati (trans-fat) at the shops by the halwaii (cook), so these are not healthy. As there are no regulations on the nutritional quality, you are not sure what you are consuming when you eat a snack. Many times, Indian snackes like samosa, kofta and pakodas are refried to serve you hot, making them more unhealthy. So these are not good for your health. Commercial snacks give you high calories, mostly from fat. Calories in Indian snacks | Calories in Haldiram foods

Try various Indian healthy and quick snack recipes from the snacks list given below.

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These recipes are simple, quick and make very tasty snacks.