Body and Mind Connection

With a little practice you can achieve a healthy body, mind, soul and spirit for wellness to live a wonderful life.

The present times of living under high stress, work pressure, family pressure, fast life, competition, immune breakdown and pollution have made us quite different than what we wanted to be. These problems have become a normal part of our life. Many things that happen in your life can disrupt your emotional, mental health and overall health.

Our body responds to the way we think and feel. This is so-called "mind body relationship" or "mind body connection" or "mind body spirit". When we are stressed, upset or under emotional pressure, our body tries to tell us that about it and we experience some physical problem. For example, you may have high blood pressure when you hear something shocking.

When you go to a doctor for loss of appetite, back pain, body pain, stiff neck, constipation or diarrhea, loose motions, tiredness/weakness, loss of sleep, palpitations, shortness of breath, sweating, weight loss or weight gain, your doctor gives you the stress or emotional pressure as the reason behind your problem. If you have poor emotional health, your body's immune system will become weak, causing you a feeling of torn out from inside and outside. If you ignore these conditions for a long time, you may develop conditions as mentioned above.

Keep in mind, if your mind is healthy, you have a healthy body, healthy spirit and healthy soul. Good health of body and mind is important for a healthy and happy living. Life can be only wonderful if you are in perfect health.

So what is the solution? How to cope up with the present day difficulties? How to achieve a healthy body, mind and soul?

You do not need any mind body medicine. With a little practice you can learn healthy ways to improve upon these problems. You can have a healthy body, healthy mind and healthy soul. You can train your body, mind and soul to experience ultimate health and ultimate happiness in life. Try the laughter medicine.

  1. Adopt the right exercise. This will train your mind and body improving your emotional health. This way you can achieve your desired body weight, reduce your abdominal fat, a sound sleep.
  2. Think right, be positive. Do not think on a point or problem whose solution is not in your hand. You can manage your stress by thinking right. Eat right kind of foods, change your food habits. Your eating habit is very important on the way you think, the way you look and the way you react on a problem or situation.
  3. Relaxation and meditation. This will calm your mind and give you strength to fight daily stresses.

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