Cholesterol Content of Meat

The cholestrol in meat, goose, turkey, lamb, steak and beef are given in the following table. Most meat servings contain high cholesterol so you should eat them in only small amount remembering that you may take 200-400 milligrams of cholesterol per day in your diet.

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All cholesterol values in the following chart are approximate.

Cholesterol in Meat
Cholesterol in Pork, back ribs, lean & fat, roasted, 90g10mg
Cholesterol in Beef rib, whole, lean without fat, roasted, 90g67mg
Beef, ground, 75 percent lean, patty, broiled, 90g76mg
Bologna, pork and beef, 56g31mg
Braunschweiger (a liver sausage), pork, 56g88mg
Pork, spare ribs, lean & fat, braised, 90g102mg
Pork, leg, lean & fat, roasted, 90g80mg
Pork, center loin chop, lean & fat, broiled, 90g70mg
Goose, meat & skin, roasted (188g)170mg
Cholesterol in Goose, meat only, roasted (100g)94mg
Turkey, dark meat, roasted, 90g70mg
Turkey, ground, 1 patty, 80g82mg
Cholesterol in Lamb, shoulder, arm, lean & fat, 90g101mg
Cholesterol in Lamb, leg, lean & fat, roasted, 90g80mg
Lamb, loin, lean only, broiled, 90g80mg
Lamb, loin, lean only, broiled, 90g80mg
Lamb, rib, lean only, roasted, 90g75mg
Cholesterol in Mutton, roasted, 90g93mg
Rump steak, lean & fat, broiled, 90g75mg
T-bone steak, lean & fat, broiled, 90g70mg

The above table of cholesterol content of meat shows that all meats have high cholesterol.

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