Cholesterol In Seafoods - Fish, Scallops, Shrimps, Crab, Lobster

Seafoods like fish crab, lobster, oyster, scallops, shrimps, clams contain moderate amounts of cholesterol. They are low in total fat and saturated fat, but if you add toppings, it can increase their overall fat and cholesterol content. Scallops, oystrers and clams are good sources of magnesium and potassium. Scallops are low in cholesterol, total fat (1 gram of fat per serving) and saturated fat but very high in protein, more than 80 percent. The shrimp has very low fat, but the cholesterol content is quite high. So eating scallops is a healthier option than shrimps for people having risk of heart disease.

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The chart below gives the cholesterol content in seafood like crab, lobster, oyster, scallops, shrimps, etc.

All cholesterol values of seafoods given below are approximate.

Seafood Cholesterol
Cholesterol in Clams, 19 small57 mg
Cholesterol in Clams, canned, 85 g58 mg
Cholesterol in Crab, 100 g65 mg
Alaska King Crab, cooked, 60 g45 mg
Cholesterol in Blue Crab, cooked, 85 g85 mg
Crab cake, 60 g90 mg
Cholesterol in Lobster, 100 g70 mg
Northern Lobster, cooked, 85 g60 mg
Cholesterol in Oyster, raw, 100 g70 mg
Cholesterol in Oyster, cooked, 100 g75 mg
Cholesterol in Prawns, boiled, 100 g70 mg
Cholesterol in Shrimp, canned, 85 g148 mg
Cholesterol in fried Shrimp, 100 g150 mg
Cholesterol in Scallops, steamed, 100 g41 mg
Cholesterol in Scallops, fried, 100 g54 mg
Cholesterol in Scallops, fresh, 100 g24 mg
Cholesterol in broiled cod, 85 g50 mg
Cholesterol in Mackerel, Atlantic broiled, 85 g60 mg
Mackerel, Pacific Jack broiled, 85 g60 mg
Ocean Perch, baked, 85 g50 mg
Cholesterol in Pollock, broiled, 85 g80 mg

Source:Release 10 USDA #15210, 1992 Release 10 USDA #15211, 1992.

The above table shows that cholesterol content of seafoods like shrimp and crab is quite high.

Cholesterol in fish

Fish does not have much cholesterol. Eating some of the fishes actually lowers the cholesterol if a person has high cholesterol.

The cholesterol content of a fish depends on its type. Generally, fish contains cholesterol similiar to the cholesterol in meats like beef, bacon, chicken breast, etc. But most fish have very little fat and almost nil saturated fat. So although the cholesterol in fish is almost the same as in meat, fish are better than meat because of absense of saturated fat.

Chart below gives the cholesterol content in different fish like cod fish, Swordfish, salmon fish, etc.

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Cholesterol values are approximate.

Cholesterol in Fish
(3oz - 85g approx.or as mentioned)


Cod fish, steam cooked


Roe Cod fish, fried


Flounder fish, cooked


Haddock fish, steam cooked, 100g


Halibut fish, cooked


Herring fish, pickled


Perch, cooked


Rock fish, cooked


Cholesterol in Swordfish, cooked


Cholesterol in Salmon fish, canned, 100g


Cholesterol in Tuna fish, canned in oil, 100g


Cholesterol in Fishfingers, fried


You should not eat more than 200milligrams dietary choleaterol per day.

Is Fish Good For Cholesterol? Fish and Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Fish is heart-healthy because it is one of the foods high in omega 3 fatty acids, which can reduce risk of developing blood clots and blood pressure. Eating at least two servings of fish a week is recommended by Doctors. Omega-3 fatty acids reduces the risk of sudden death in people who have had heart attacks. Salmon, Mackerel, Lake trout, Herring, Sardines, Albacore tuna and Halibut contain high level of omega-3 fatty acids.

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