Cholesterol Content of Soups

Soups are low in cholesterol and are very healthy if they do not contain too much salt. In the home made soups, the cholesterol depends on the ingredients used. Table below gives the cholesterol content in soups.

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All cholesterol values are approximate.

(1 cup or as mentioned)


Cholesterol in Onion mix, dry, 40g2mg
Cholesterol in Tomato, canned, with milk18mg
Cream of mushroom with milk20mg
Cream of mushroom with water2mg
Cream of chicken with water10mg
Cream of chicken with milk27mg
Beans with ham, canned21mg
Beans with pork, canned3mg
Beef noodle, canned5mg
Chicken vegetable, canned18mg
Chicken noodle, canned20mg
Chicken with rice, canned7mg

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