Low Cholesterol and Cholesterol Free Foods

There are several foods which are cholesterol free or low in cholesterol. Choose all the low cholesterol and cholesterolfree foods from the given list. Animal foods and dairy products are neither low in cholesterol nor cholesterol free.

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Note that even if a food label shows cholesterol free, it may contain lot of saturated fat, then it is bad for your health. A low cholesterol food means 20 mg or less cholesterol and 2 g or less saturated fat.

Know the cholesterol free foods and low cholesterol foods from the list below. Even if a food is cholesterol-free, it may be loaded with fat so you should avoid such foods.

All Fruits0 mg
All Vegetables0 mg
All Pulses0 mg
All Grains0 mg
All Nuts0 mg
All Seeds0 mg
All Vegetable oils0mg
Honey, Sugar, Jam0 mg
French fries0 mg
Alcoholic Beverage0 mg

In general, all fruits, vegetables, pulses, nuts, seeds, vegetable oils, alcoholic drinks, etc. do not contain any cholesterol (zero cholesterol) so these are cholesterol free.

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