Foods High In Cholesterol

Get all the details on high cholesterol foods that you should avoid in your diet. Use this of foods high in cholesterol and saturated fats to avoid them in your diet even if you don't have high cholesterol.

Saturated fats, found mostly in animal products, increases LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) level. Animal foods contain cholesterol. So if you eat these foods in excess, you are making your diet a high cholesterol diet, which can raise your cholesterol level.

You should be aware that it is not the cholesterol content of a food is harmful, its saturated fat content causes the liver to produce more harmful LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

"Cholesterol free" written on a food is not important if it contains lot of saturated fat. For example, coconut oil is cholesterol free, but is high in saturated fat.

You should give less attention to "low cholesterol or cholesterol-free" than saturated fats on the food label. "High cholesterol foods" therefore means foods high in saturated fats or triglycerides.

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Learn to read the food labels. Understand the food labels and food label reading correctly:

  1. Cholesterol Free Food means less than 2 mg cholesterol and 2 g or less fat. "Free" does not mean zero cholesterol
  2. Low Cholesterol Food means 20 mg or less cholesterol and 2 g or less saturated fat.
  3. Fat Free Foods means less than 1/2 g fat. "Free" does not mean zero fat.
  4. Low Fat Food means 3 g or less fat;
  5. Reduced Fat Food means at least 25 percent less fat than similar normal fat food.

List of High Cholesterol Foods To Avoid

Following is a list of foods that are high in cholesterol, so you should avoid these foods eating in your diet.High cholesterol foods are mainly

  1. All animal products such egg yolks, meat, poultry, fish and higher fat milk products.
  2. Processed and prepared foods such as cookies, pastries and muffins contain high amounts of fat including trans-fats.
  3. Deep fried foods.

You should eat the following high cholesterol foods in limit. Don't make your diet a high cholesterol diet.

Food Serving Size Cholesterol Level (mg)
Beef, liver, cooked, pan-fried3 oz410
Beef Kidney3.5 oz375
Beef steak3.5 oz70
Chicken, stewed, meat only1 cup300
Chicken3.5 oz60
Lamb3.5 oz70
MacDonald's Egg McMuffin4.9 oz235
MacDonald's Big Breakfast9.4 oz455
MacDonald's Scrambled Eggs (2)3.6 oz425
Boiled egg1 egg225
Dunkin Donuts Bagel, bacon & cheese1 No115
Sponge cake1 slice106
French vanilla ice cream1 serve155
Ice Cream, normal3.5 oz45
Cream cheese1 oz27
Cheddar cheese1 oz19
Butter3.5 oz250
Sponge cake3.5 oz260

Instead of eating foods high in cholesterol and fats, you should eat super foods for healthy heart that can control cholesterol and protect your heart.

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