Diet for Patients and Sick People

A diet for sick people is a very special diet. The sick diet should include a balanced selection of foods, taking into account the patient's specific dietary needs. The diet should be light and digestive.

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Soups are very helpful to patients during convalescence as they are easy to digest. Soup is rich in vitamins, minerals and contains fiber and is an ideal dish for not only sick people but also for all. The nutritional value of soup can be increased by a combination of different foods like mixed vegetables and palak (spinach) and mung dal.

Another very nutritious foods for sick people are dalia, patolia, and mung khichri in India. These are very light and digestive, and gives energy and provides fibers and other nutrients to the patient.

The following table gives a list of foods that a sick person can eat during his sickness or during convalescence.

Dalia (Daliya)
Khichari (Khichadi)
Corn Ghat/Puddings
Millet flour syrup
Rice flour syrup
Vegetable soup
Tomato soup
Rice soup
Soaked black raisins (Munakka kishmish)
Syrup of tuver (toor, arhar) dal or moong.
Yogurt (Curd) with roasted cumin
Chappatis or rotis (very thin) without any butter or ghee.
Idli, Upma

Vegetables like Loki (Bottle gourd), Torii, methi (fenugreek)
Bottle gourd kheer
Boiled water
Masala chai, Tea
Masala milk
Milk & banana
Honey water
Shinkji or Lemon & sugar syrup
Lemon juice with glucose
Makhana syrup
Milk, sugar & fennel seed juice
Dry ginger & jaggery syrup
Dates milk
Sizzled buttermilk

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