Workouts With Exercise Balls

The details of workouts involving exercise balls are considered. Exercises with gym ball or Swiss stability ball for body workout are beneficial.

Gym Ball, Swiss Ball, Stress Ball or Fitball

Physical therapists in Switzerland used exercise balls in1965 for children with cerebral palsy so these are known as swiss balls. The other names for this ball are exercise ball, gym ball, stability ball, fitness ball, fit ball, therapy ball, balance ball, stability ball or medicine ball. It is also known as stress ball as it relieves stress. The exercises with this ball are known by different names as exercise ball exercises, fitness ball exercises, fitness ball workouts, medicine ball exercise, stability ball exercises, etc.

The exercise ball is made of strong PVC, plastic, or solid foam rubber. Avoid wearing any sharp things like jewelry, belt buckle when you work on inflatable balls to avoide punctures. The ball should maintain its shape under pressure.

Exercise balls come in different sizes, weights and varieties. These balls are often used with other fitness equipment. In order to reduce the range of motions allowed by the exercise ball, you can use a stability cushion underneath the ball to keep it in place.

Exercise BallExercise Ball Exercises

Tips For Using Exercise Balls

  1. Using the Correct Ball Size: Choose an exercise ball that is the right size and that is properly inflated. A general rule is that when sitting down on the ball, your upper thighs should be parallel to the floor.
  2. Using the Correct Air Pressure: Properly inflate the ball following the air pressure guidelines stated on the ball box.
  3. Consult you Doctor before you start any exercises on the ball.
  4. Note that it is important to warm up before starting ball exercises and to maintain proper posture. It is also important to keep your back straight while doing exercise. Also focus on your breathing.

Benefits of Stability Ball or Fitness Ball Exercises

Sometimes we wake up feeling like we slept on a bed of rocks, but getting back pain relief might be as easy as changing your mattresses. A less expensive way to get some back pain relief is by using an exercise ball. Exercise ball tones muscles all over body. It offers effective exercises to tone the deeper abdominal muscles and also a boon for lower back pain. They improve flexibility and also great for stretching and warm up activities and different muscles workouts. They can be used at the home, gym, or office.

  1. Aerobic exercise.
  2. Back care/rehabilitation
  3. General fitness
  4. Exercise balls melt away abdominal fat
  5. Enhance functional movement
  6. Muscle tone and muscle strength. When you work on one muscle group, another is helping to maintain balance, so you become toned up quickly.
  7. Core strength
  8. Greater flexibility
  9. Balance & coordination of muscles used to stabilize the spine and control of proper posture.
  10. Exercise for pregnant women
  11. These balls improve cardiovascular fitness level
  12. Swiss exercise ball relieves stress so it is idle for managing stress.

Precautions with Exercise Ball, Gym Ball, Swiss Ball

You should not do exercie with the exercise ball if

  1. you fall down repeatedly from the exercise ball. Check the size of the ball and follow the manufacturer's instructions on how to use it.
  2. your pain increases with the exercise.
  3. you have acute pain in your back.
  4. you have any spine injuries.
  5. you have a spinal disease.

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