Back Pain Causes and Treatment

The back pain is the most common medical problem, second only to the common cold ( cold remedies). If you are familiar with the causes of back pain, then you can prevent it. More than 80% of the population have lower back pain at some time during their lifetime. Good news is that you can get relief from most low back pains within a few weeks. Relieving back pain is possible. However, back pain is sometimes difficult to treat, unless its causes are a better understood.

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Back pain is usually due to incorrect use of the back. The pain can be at any part of the back. It can be at low back, middle back, lower back right side and lower back left side.

The pain may be acute and chronic.

Acute back pain
It is very intense, comes on suddenly and usually lasts for a short time. It comes usually from doing something in the wrong way. The acute back pain is caused by wrong or excessive use of the back, injuring the muscles, ligaments, tendons and bones (exercises for back pain).

Chronic back pain
It is recurring, lingers on, comes and goes off. You think that pain is cured, but it comes again.

Jewellery may be a reason for backache
Muscle weakness causes pain in back and neck, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow and slipped discs, says chiropractor Simon King of New Zealand. He said earrings, neck chains and even fillings and gold crowns could trigger debilitating muscle ache, making muscles weaker than normal. The movement of these metals place strains on other larger muscles as they try to maintain a distance.

What causes lower back pain. The following are the main causes for back pain.

  1. Poor posture
  2. Lumbar muscle strain
  3. Weak back muscles, muscle tension, lumbar muscle strain, micro trauma
  4. Ruptured disc, inter vertebral disc (also called a herniated disc)
  5. Prolonged sitting, standing or sleeping in one position
  6. Sudden vigorous jerking or twisting of the trunk
  7. Menstrual pain in women
  8. Back pain during pregnancy
    It is very common during pregnancy. This is because carrying a child puts increased pressure on the lower spine. Also the increase in body weight and the change in your center of gravity during pregnancy causes back pain.

Remedies and Solutions For Back Pain

You may wonder how to relieve back pain. Understanding the cause of your back pain is essential for the proper treatment and getting relief from it. Treatment of low back pain usually takes a few days at home to get complete relief. However, before beginning any treatment, you should consult your doctor.

Drinking lots of water may minimize pain as the spine is dependent upon the hydraulic properties of water. 75% of the upper body's weight is supported by the stored water in your spinal disc core.

  1. Eat Vitamin D foods. Research has shown its effectiveness in reducing back pain as well as in preventing osteoporosis.
  2. Rest
    Rest your spine for 2-3 days to allow the injured muscle to heal. This will avoid further irritation to the spine and the muscles that surround the spinal column. Prolonged bed rest can actually lead to more persistent back pain. This should give comfort to acute back pain.
  3. Massage the aching area.
  4. Heat Application
    Place a hot pad (heating pad, hot water bottles) over the aching area for 20 to 30 minute. This will help ease the muscle discomfort causing the low back pain.
  5. Sleep on your side with your knees close to chest, keeping a pillow in between both the knees.
  6. Garlic is said to be beneficial in relieving backache. Take 2-3 garlic cloves in the morning.
  7. Mix ginger powder (sonth), baking soda and common salt in equal proportion. Take a teaspoon with warm milk or water.
  8. Boil 10-15 basil (tulsi) leaves in one cup of water until the water is reduced to half a cup. Let is cool and add some common salt. Taking this mixture daily should reduce back pain.
  9. Over-the-counter medicines
    You can use anti-inflammatory medications like Brufen, Ibuprofen, etc. available over-the-counter from pharmacies. Avoid these medications if you have stomach ulcers.

Follow the proper habits to avoid back pain.

  1. When standing
    For prolonged standing in one position, raise one foot on a stool. Change the foot after some time.
  2. When sitting
    While sitting keep the lower back straight and rest your feet on a footstool.
    Put a cushion in the hollow of your back to support lumbar area, if your chair has poor back support.
    Do not sit in couches.
    Do not sit in one position for long.
    If you work on the computer, place the screen at eye level. Buy an ergonomically-designed swivel chairs and sit erect while working on your computer.
  3. When sleeping
    Use a medium firm mattress for sleeping.
    Do not sleep keeping your face down.
    Sleep lying on your back or your side with one knee bent.
  4. When lifting heavy loads
    While lifting heavy loads keep your knees bent and your back straight. Hold the load close to your body and straighten your knees as you lift the load. Do not lift heavy weights after 25 weeks of your pregnancy.
    Do not twist while lifting heavy weights.

When to See a Doctor for Back Pain?

You should consult to your Doctor

  1. If the pain does not go in a couple of days.
  2. If the pain shoots down one or both legs and you feel muscle weakness or urinary and bowel incontinence.
  3. If there is blood in the urine or foul smelling urine along with back pain.
  4. If back pain follows a fall or blow of the spine.

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Disclaimer: Please note that the home remedies are only for minor common symptoms and should not be used during any medical emergency or for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition. You should not rely on these remedies. Always consult your Doctor for diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions. You should also avoid using any of these remedies if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. The writer of this article or is not responsible in any manner.

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