Diarrhea Symptoms, Causes & Natural and Home Remedies

Everybody experiences diarrhea, upset stomach and loose motions at some time, but what causes diarrhea. Loose motions or diarrhea can be caused by infection, antibiotics, or teething in children. In diarrhea or dysentery, you have loose motions frequently. In acute case, your stool becomes very watery and quite frequently. If you lose too much water, you may suffer by dehydration. Diarrhea kills more children (about 1.9 million a year) than malaria, AIDS and TB combined. In fact, diarrhea is the second leading cause of death in children under 5 years of age.

To prevent dehydration due to diarrhea, you should drink lots of water with some salt and sugar added. The symptoms of dehydration are dry mouth, sunken soft spot, lethargic, or frequent watery stools. Babies may in addition cry without tears, or do not produce urine for eight hours. These symptoms should be taken seriously for both the adults and children. A large number of children die due to dehydration each year.

ORS - Oral Rehydration Solution

Oral rehydration solution (ORS) works miracle in dehydration, if given quickly and gradually to the patient. ORS can be made from 1 teaspoon of salt and 8 teaspoons of sugar dissolved in a liter of water. Dr Dilip Mahalanabis who participated in the oral rehydration experiment at Johns Hopkins Center in Calcutta in 1971, India for treating the refugees from Bangladesh, could save thousands of lives of children and adults.

diarrhea symptoms

Foods to be avoid during loose motion, diarrhea or dysentery

Fruit juices, apricots, peas, pears, peaches, plums, prunes, etc.

Diet For Loose Motion For Adults and Children: Foods to be eaten during dysentery, diarrhea

What to eat during loose motions?

Eat yogurt (yoghurt, curd), buttermilk, mint, apple, pomegranate, papaya, banana, carrot, potato, etc. Children can also be given these foods.

Try the following remedies if you have loose bowels or recurring loose motions or dissentery. If you do not get any relief from the following home remedies for diarrhea, then you may conuslt your doctor for medicine.

  1. Drink lot of water (mix a pinch of salt and sugar or some electrolyte available without prescription) to prevent dehydration.Make ORS as mentioned above and drink it gradually. This alone will cure you.
  2. It can be treated by adding yogurt to the diet. Yogurt contains Lactobacillus Acidophilus (or L Acidophilus), which is a good bacteria that fights bad bacteria.
  3. Boil half cup water and add 3-4 drops of ghee (clarified water) and stir. Let the water cool down to lukewarm temperature and drink this water. It should stop loose motion. Repeat it the next day morning if you are not cured. Do not drink it repeatedly, otherwise you may develop constipation.
  4. Drink 3-4 times half a cup of water with a few drops of Pudin Hara or Amritdhara(mint essence or peppermint) added.
  5. Drink a mixture of 1 tsp mint juice, 1/2 tsp ginger juice and 1 tsp honey.
  6. Grind a lemon along with seeds and rind to a paste. Add some salt. Take 1 tsp of this paste 2-3 times.
  7. Drink 1/2 tsp of dry ginger (saunth powder in 1 cup buttermilk (chhachh) 3 - 4 times a day.
  8. Chew a few pieces of the inner lining of pomegranate with salt, and/or drink pomegranate juice.
  9. Mix 1 Tbsp poppy seeds, 1 tsp edible gum, 1 tsp cardamom powder, 1/2 tsp nutmeg (jaiphal) powder, and2 tbs sugar and grind to a powder. Take this powder every 2 hours.
  10. Mix 1/2 tsp lemon juice, 1/2 tsp ginger juice and 1/4 tsp pepper powder and drink it.
  11. Mix 5-6 chopped basil (tulsi) leaves, 1/4 tsp sea salt, some black pepper in 3 Tbsp of curd and eat it. repeat this 4 times a day for one week for complete reconditioning of stomach.
  12. Boil some curry leaves or curry patta and bark, stalk and flowers of the curry plant and drink to get relief for stomach discomfort. Eat some fresh curry leaves to get relief in diarrhea.
  13. Chebulic myrobalan (Haritaki, Harida, Harar, Chebulic myroblan, Black myroblan, Harada) has been used in India for the treatment of diarrhea, dysentery, constipation, heart-burn, piles, hemorrhoids, dyspepsia and liver disorders.
  14. Roast 1/2 tsp cumin (jeera) seeds and 1/2 tsp fenugreek seeds (dana methi). Mix and powder it, add to 4 tsp of yogurt (curd). Take thrice a day to get relief.
  15. Grate one raw papaya. Add 3 cups water, boil for 10 minutes, strain and finish the water in one day.

    Home Remedy for Diarrhea in Infant

  16. Apply ginger juice around the navel area of a child.
  17. Grate one raw papaya. Add 3 cups water, boil for 10 minutes,, strain. Give 2 tsp to a child 4 times a day to cure loose motion.
  18. Stew 1 apple with 2 pinches of nutmeg powder and 1 tsp sugar. Give your child to eat it to treat dysentery.

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Disclaimer: Please note that the diarrhea home remedies are only for minor common symptoms and should not be used during any medical emergency or for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition like loose motions. You should not rely on these remedies. Always consult your Doctor for diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions. You should also avoid using any of these remedies if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. The writer of this article or fatfreekitchen.com is not responsible in any manner.

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