Health Benefits of Laughter

Laughter is a tranquilizer with no side effects. - Arnold Glasow.
A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor's book. - Irish Proverb
A hearty laugh gives one a dry cleaning, while a good cry is a wet wash. - Puzant Kevork Thomajan
Remember, men need laughter sometimes more than food. - Anna Fellows Johnston

We all know that Laughter makes us feel good. But does laughter offer any health benefits? Can it promote good health? Can it be a medicine or cure? Know the health benefits of laughter.

Laughter is the best medicine. Laughter has health benefits ranging from improving the immune system to reducing stress hormons. Laughter is free, so why not practice it.

  1. Laughter reduces the level of stress hormones like cortisol, epinephrine and dopamine.
  2. Increases the level of hormones like endorphins and neurotransmitters which are good for health.
  3. Boosting the level of immune cells in the body by increasing the antibody-producing cells.
  4. Laughter provides a physical and emotional release.
  5. Reduction in anxiety
  6. Lowering blood pressure increasing oxygen in blood and also an increase in vascular blood flow.
  7. Protection against heart disease by providing a good workout for the heart.
  8. Laughter releases body's natural painkillers endorphins.
  9. Laughter reduces hypertension and provides good cardiac exercise.
  10. Laughter cleanses the lungs.
  11. Body Workout
    Laughing provides a very good exercise to the whole body. Laughing 100 times is equal to 10 minutes on the rowing machine or 15 minutes on an exercise bike.
    Laughter also gives a very good workout to diaphragm and abdominal, respiratory, facial, leg and back muscles.
  12. The psychological benefits of humor are remarkable. Laughter provides a way to release negative emotions, such as anger, guilt, fear and sadness. Laughter brings the focus away from these negative emotions in a more beneficial way than other distractions.
  13. Laughter is good for mental health.

How To Get Laughter

Try the following to get more laughter in your life.

  1. T.V. and movies: Look for comedy TV programs and comedy movies to get laughter into your life.
  2. Laugh with friends: Going to a movie with friends is a great way to get more laughter in your life. Join laughter clubs. Surround yourself with funny people -- be with them every chance you get.
  3. Find humor In your life. Develop your own sense of humor.
  4. Figure out what makes you laugh and do it more often. There are many websites that lists jokes and humor articles.

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