Fruits and Vegetable Juices

Natural remedial juices from fruits and vegetables for detoxing, tiredness, digestive, skin, etc. are suggested. Mostly all disorders respond well to appropriate vegetable and fruit juices.

Freshly made juices are a very good source of vitamins and minerals. Vitamins activate enzymes which act as catalysts in hundreds of thousands of chemical reactions that take place throughout our body.

Enzymes produce energy and are essential for digesting, absorbing and converting food into body tissue. Without vitamins, enzymes could not carry out their work, and we could not live.

Our body can absorb more vitamins and minerals if we drink fresh juices than if we eat the fruits and vegetables whole. By blending fruits and vegetables to make juices and smoothies, we break down the fibers to release the trapped nutrients. Natural Healing Foods

Vegetable and fruit juices

A glass of 100 percent juice every morning can lower the risk of obesity and metabolic syndrome (defined as the presence of three or more of the following: central obesity, elevated blood glucose, elevated fasting triglycerides, low HDL-cholesterol, elevated blood pressure), that increases risk for stroke, heart disease and diabetes, shows a new study presented at the Experimental Biology 2009 meeting.

Spinach helps detoxify hormones and beetroot supports digestion, strawberries offer support for optimal health due to the phytonutrient, Banana is rich in the important electrolyte potassium. Strawberries give us protection against inflammation and heart disease. Potassium rich banana have a blood pressure lowering and cholesterol lowering effect.

Juicing Tips

  • Wash the fruits and vegetables thoroughly before juicing. Remove damaged portions, if any.
  • Use organic produce where possible.
  • Juice with stems and leaves. Remove the stems and leaves of carrots, as they are toxic. The leaves of celery are bitter so you may remove them.
  • You may use seeds of lemon, lime, oranges, etc. Do not use apple seeds, as they are toxic.
  • Do not use the skins of orange and grapefruits, as they are toxic. Do not throw away the white pithy part as they are a source of vitamin C and bioflvonoids.
  • You can garnish the juices with black pepper, salt, lemon juice, parsley, cilantro (coriander), cinnamon, etc.

Healing and Mending Power of Juices

Condition Recommended Mix Juice
For General healthBanana, Orange, Strawberries, Mint leaves, Soya milk
For RelaxationApple, Pineapple, Mind, Lime
For Tired body, Jetleg, HangoverApple, Orange, Carrot, Beetroot
For EnergyBeetroot, Spinach, Carrots, Apple, Dill
For RelaxationApple, Pineapple, Mind, Lime
For reduaing StressTomato, Carrot, Coriander, Broccoli, Celery
For improving DigestionApple, Beetroot, Ginger, Carrot
For improving Immune System
Anti Flu, Anti cold
Apple, Carrot, Lemon, Ginger, Garlic
For Detoxing BodyApple, Grapefruit, Watermelon, Ginger
For Cleansing LiverPineapple, Carrot, Beetroot, Lime
As a Skin TonicCarrot, Capsicum, Spinach

Juices For Specific Conditions

Condition Recommended Mix Juice
AnemiaBlackberry + parsley juice
Parsley + grape juice
ArthritisCelery + parsley juice
AsthmaCelery + papaya juice
Celery + endive + carrot juice
BedwettingCelery + parsley juice
Bladder AilmentsCelery + pomegranate juice
Blood Pressure highCarrot + parsley + celery juice
Lime juice + whey powder
Grape juice and carrot juice.
Normal Blood PressureParsley juice
Capsicum + garlic juice.
Pomegranate juice
Blood PurifierBlackberry juice + black cherry juice + parsley juice + dandelion juice + Tomato juice.
CancerCarrots + Blueberry + Broccoli + Spinach +Tomato
Common ColdWatercress + apple juice with 1/4 tsp pure cream of tartar
Cholesterol Reduction, Cholesterol lowering juicescarrot + apple + ginger + orange + strawberry + spinach
ColitisCoconut milk + carrot juice
Complexion (yellow)Grapefruit juice.
To get Fair skin1 Tbsp apple concentrate juice +, 1/2 glass cucumber juice + 1/2 glass water.
Spinach + grapefruit
Diarrhea loose motions remedyCarrot + blackberry juice.
FeverCelery + parsley juice.
Gall BladderRadish + prune + black cherry + celery juice
Carrot + beetroot + cucumber juice
Prune + black cherry + celery + radish juice.
GallstonesBeetroot + radish juice
Green vegetable juices.
GasCoconut milk + carrot juice
GlandsCelery juice 1 tsp + wheat germ + 1 tsp. Nova Scotia dulse.
GoiterCelery juice, 1 tsp + wheat germ + 1 tsp. Nova Scotia dulse.
GoutCelery + parsley juice.
HeartCarrot + pineapple juice with honey
Parsley + alfalfa + pineapple juice
ImpotenceCelery juice, 1 tsp + wheat germ + 1 tsp. Nova Scotia dulse
IndigestionCoconut milk + fig juice + parsley + carrot juice.
InfectionsCarrot + blackberry juice.
Insomnia (sleeplessness)Lettuce + celery juice.
JaundiceTomato and sauerkraut juice
KidneysCelery + parsley + asparagus juice
Carrot + parsley juice.
Kidney (bladder) problemsCelery + pomegranate juice.
LiverRadish and pineapple juice
Carrot, beet, and cucumber juice
Memory improvementCelery + carrot + prune juice + rice polishing.
Nervous tensionCelery + carrot + prune juice
Lettuce + tomato juice
Overweight, obesityBeet greens + parsley + celery juice.
PerspirationCelery + prune juice
Cucumber + pineapple juice.
RheumatismCucumber + endive + goat's whey.
Sore Throat remedyWatercress + apple juice with 1/4 tsp pure cream of tartar
Stomach InfectionCarrot + blackberry juice.
TeethBeet greens + parsley + celery juice + green kale.
ThyroidClam juice + celery juice.
Ulcers StomachCelery
Spinach + grapefruit.
VitalityOne Tbsp apple concentrate + one Tbsp almond nut butter + one cup celery juice.
Weight ImprovementCoconut milk + fig juice + parsley + carrot juice.
Pomegranate juice for reducing the fat around the stomach.
Weight ReducingParsley + grape juice + pineapple juice
Youth retainingCucumber + radish + pepper (1/3 cup each)
2/3 cup concord grape juice + 1/3 cup pineapple juice.

[Also read the Book, Juicing For Life by Cherie Calbom and maureen Keane, Avery Publishing Group, New York, 1992]

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