Burger King's Nutrition Facts : Burgers Calorie Chart

Look at the nutrition chart, specially calories (Cal), calories from fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium. Note the high values of calories and sodium.

The nutrition values are as on August 2003. These values may have changed. Please check Burger King's web site.

In the table
Cal: Calories, En: Energy, TOTAL FAT: TF SF: Saturated Fat, PR: Protein, Cb: Carbohydrate, F: Fiber, CH: Cholesterol, SO: Sodium

Whopper, no Bun or Ketchup4954013252095425
Whopper, no mayo60028123452485870
Whopper with Cheese8505330395341201430
Whopper with Cheese, no Bun or Ketchup58548143030115865
Whopper with Cheese, no mayo6903617395341101310
Double Whopper10606925595241851100
Double Whopper, no Bun or Ketchup69557204220160495
Double Whopper, no mayo900512259524175980
Double Whopper with Cheese11507630645342101530
Double Whopper w. Cheese, no Bun or Ketchup78565214730180935
Double Whopper with Cheese, no mayo9905928645341951410
Whopper Jr.3902271732245570
Whopper Jr. no Bun or Ketchup227195112046205
Whopper Jr. no mayo3101351731240730
Whopper Jr. with Cheese4402691932255790
Whopper Jr. w. Cheese, no Bun or Ketchup271238143056425
Whopper Jr. with Cheese, no mayo3601781932250730
King Supreme550341430322100790
King Supreme, no Bun39931132540100515
Hamburger, no Bun or Ketchup145104110040185
Cheeseburger, no Bun or Ketchup19014714105045
Double Hamburger45024102831275620
Double Hamburger, no Bun or Ketchup285209220080230
Double Cheeseburger5403115323221001050
Double Cheeseburger, no Bun or Ketchup37028102710100630
Bacon Cheeseburger40020822312601015
Bacon Cheeseburger, no Bun or Ketchup230178171060615
Bacon Double Cheeseburger5803417353221101240
Bacon Double Cheeseburger, no Bun or Ketchup41531123010110935
BK Fish710391524664501160
BK Fish, no bun2861961316040520
Chicken Whopper58026539483751370
Chicken Whopper, no mayo42092.538473601260
Chicken Whopper, No Bun330213740851205
Chicken Whopper Jr.350142.52630245900
Chicken Whopper Jr, no mayo27061.52530240840
Chicken Whopper Jr, No Bun184112183056770
Specialty Chicken56028625523601270
Specialty Chicken, no mayo459174.525523551190
Specialty Chicken, No Bun3352561813163875
Chicken Tenders, 4 pc.17092.51110025420
Chicken Tenders, 5 pc.210123.51413130530
Chicken Tenders, 6 pc.2501441615135630
Chicken Tenders, 8 pc.3401952220150840
Veggie Burger330101.5144540770
Veggie Burger, no mayo29071144440690
Veggie Burger, No Bun or Ketchup291213816210635
Sante-Fe Fire Grilled Chicken Baguette34561.529474451225
Sante Fe Fire Grilled Chicken, No Baguette13531216245805
Grilled Chicken Caesar Club54027634403701510
Grilled Chicken Caesar Club, no Bread3152262731701120
Small Fries23011332920410
Medium Fries36018544640640
Large Fries50025766350880
King Size Fries600308776601070
Onion Rings, small1809222220260
Onion Rings, medium32016444030459
Onion Rings, large48023676050690
Caesar (no dressing or croutons)16063255340730
Garden (no dressing or croutons)2500152015
Dutch Apple Pie34014325211470
Hershey Sundae Pie3101813333110135
Hot Fudge Brownie Royale440196662650250
Fresh Baked Cookies440217457215390
Croissan'wich w. Sausage, Egg, Cheese5203914192412101090
Croissan'wich w. Sausage, Cheese42031111423145840
Croissan'wich w. Egg, Cheese32019712241185730
Egg'wich w. Canadian Bacon, Egg, Cheese42023718363140900
Egg'wich w. Canadian Bacon, Egg38019415353126680
French Toast Sticks (5)390204.564620440
CiniMinis, no icing (4)440236651125710
Hash Browns (small)23015422320450
Hash Browns (large)39025733840760

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