Nutrition values of Burger King's Sandwiches & Chicken

Calories, cholesterol, fats, proteins and fiber in Burger King sandwiches and chicken are given in the following table.

The nutrition values are as on August 2003. These nutrition values may have changed. Please check Burger King's web site.

Cal: Calories, En: Energy, SF: Saturated Fat, PR: Protein, Cb: Carbohydrate, F: Fiber, CH: Cholesterol, SO: Sodium 

En (kJ)
BK Fish710391524664501160
BK Fish, no bun2861961316040520
Chicken Whopper58026539483751370
Chicken Whopper, no mayo42092.538473601260
Chicken Whopper, No Bun330213740851205
Chicken Whopper Jr.350142.52630245900
Chicken Whopper Jr, no mayo27061.52530240840
Chicken Whopper Jr, No Bun184112183056770
Specialty Chicken56028625523601270
Specialty Chicken, no mayo459174.525523551190
Specialty Chicken, No Bun3352561813163875
Chicken Tenders, 4 pc.17092.51110025420
Chicken Tenders, 5 pc.210123.51413130530
Chicken Tenders, 6 pc.2501441615135630
Chicken Tenders, 8 pc.3401952220150840
Veggie Burger330101.5144540770
Veggie Burger, no mayo29071144440690
Veggie Burger, No Bun or Ketchup291213816210635
Sante-Fe Fire Grilled Chicken Baguette34561.529474451225
Sante Fe Fire Grilled Chicken, No Baguette13531216245805
Grilled Chicken Caesar Club54027634403701510
Grilled Chicken Caesar Club, no Bread3152262731701120

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