Healthy Fast Foods

All fast foods are not junk foods. You can have some low fat healthy options. But note the total number of calories in them. The % calories from fat may be low but total number of calories is important for those who are overweight and want to lose weight.

The following table lists the healthy fast foods from McDonalds, Subway,Taco Bell, Wendy, Burger King, Domino, and KFC. These fast foods have low calories from fats.

McDonalds Calories Fat (g)% Fat Protein (g) Carbo-
hydrates (g)
English Muffin140210425
6" Honey Mustard Turkey with Cucumber2753.5122242
6" Ham Sub w/o cheese2614.5151739
6" Roast Beef w/o cheese2644.5151839
6" Roasted Chicken Breast w/o cheese3116162540
6" Subway Club w/o cheese2945152240
6" Turkey Breast w/o cheese2543.5121639
6" Turkey Breast with Ham w/o cheese2674.5151840
6" Veggie Delight w/o cheese2002.511737

Taco Bell Calories Fat (g)% Fat Protein (g) Carbo-
hydrates (g)
Bean Burrito3801228.91355
Jr. Hamburger2709301434
Grilled Chicken Sandwich3007202436
Chili, large31010292332
Chili, small2107281521
Baked Potato, Plain31000772
BK Broiler Chicken Sandwich2678272225
Frozen Yogurt, Vanilla120322.5220
Frozen Yogurt, Chocolate130320.8321
Salad, Chunky Chicken142425.4208
Side Salad250015
Hand-tossed (cheese only), 12" med, 2 sl.37511261555
Bagel, Cinnamon 'N Raisin3403.591169
Bagel, Everything3602.561267
Bagel, Garlic3602.561268
Bagel, Onion3504101266
Original Recipe, Whole Wing140101595
Origninal Recipe, Drumstick140913134
Original Recipe, Thigh2501828166
Extra Crispy, Whole Wing22015231010
Extra Crispy, Drumstick1951219157
Hot & Spicy, Whole Wing2102523109
Hot & Spicy, Drumstick1751017139
Original Recipe Sandwich without sauce36013202921
Tender Roast Sandwich without sauce270583123
Honey BBQ Flavored Sandwich3106192837
Colonels Crispy Strips, 3 pcs30016242618
Blazin Strips, 3 pcs31516252621
Mashed Potatoes w/Gravy12069117
Potato Wedges2801320528
Macaroni and Cheese180812721
Corn on the Cob1501.53535
BBQ Baked Beans19035633
Cole Slaw23213.521226

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