Calories in Pizza Hut Foods

Pizza Hut Nutrition

Compare the nutritional values of veggie pizza with other types of pizza.

Note that the nutritional values will vary depending on who is making the pizza.

The values are for 1 slice of pizza for typical toppings.

% Daily Value
Pizza TypeWt. Per Slice(g) Calories
Energy (kJ)
Calories from Fat Total Fat (g) % DVSat. Fat (g) % DV Chol- est. (mg)% DV Sod- ium (mg) % DV Total Carb. (g) % DV Fiber (g) % DV Sugar (g)Pro- tein (g)Vit A % DV Vit
C % DV
Cal- cium % DV Iron % DV
Veggie Lover's®12622070812316525802429102102910151010
Beef Topping13433015017268392588803729103111161542010
Italian Sausage13434017018288403010910382892102161542010
Pork Topping13432015016257362589203929103112161542010
Meat Lover's®1293201501726734301090038289292141041510
Pepperoni Lover's®10625010011174.52315673030279282111041010
Super Supreme139290130142262825885035291021021310101510
Chicken Supreme124230607113.5171556502729102921310101010

The Daily Values (DV) are recommended amounts of nutrients based on consuming 2,000 calories per day. 
  All calculations are based on cooked values.

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