Symptoms Of Calcium Deficiency

Details on calcium deficiency symptoms and signs in infants, childrfen, men and women are given. Calcium deficiency, known as hypoglycemia, in men, women and children is due to insufficient calcium in the blood. This may be due to poor calcium absorption or insufficient calcium intake.

Calcium deficiency causes reduced bone density making them bones thinner, brittle and weaker, prone to fracture. Prolonged calcium deficiency may lead to several health problems in men and women involving bone disorders like osteoporosis, osteopenia and osteomalacia.

Following are some early signs of calcium deficiency.

  1. Brittle nails
  2. Dry scaly skin
  3. Coarse hair
  4. Yellowing of the teeth
  5. Weak bones
  6. Tooth decay
  7. Muscle cramps, aches, spasms, twitching
  8. Eye twitching
  9. Weakness, tiredness and feeling lazy
  10. Sleep disorders
  11. Sweating in cold weather
  12. Less common symptoms of calcium deficiency
    1. hypertension
    2. kidney stones
    3. unusual menstrual cramps
    4. miscarriages

It is important to give adequate amounts of calcium to your whole family including your children to prevent serious conditions like osteoporosis and osteomalacia during later years.

Calcium Deficiency in Children

Infants and growing children have a higher need of calcium for the growth and formation of their bones. Hence it is very important for children to have a calcium rich diet.

  1. Children may be calcium deficient at the time of birth because of calcium deficiency in their mothers. Such children develop weak bones. They also have indigestion and diarrhea.
  2. In babies, the teeth may develop late or be defective.

Symptoms of calcium deficiency in Women

Calcium deficiency in young, pre-teens and teenage girls causes anemia, late puberty, irregular period, menstrual cramps, excessive bleeding, etc.

Calcium deficiency during and after pregnancy

The requirement of calcium is highest during pregnancy for the formation of the bones of the baby. The calcium deficiency symptoms in women after child birth are excessive bleeding, less breast milk formation, etc.

The menopausal women can have osteoporosis due to calcium deficiency.

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