Fruits & Juices Having Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates in fruits like apples, banana, blueberries, oranges, cherries, watermelon and fruit juices are given. The carbohydrate values in fruits and fruit juices are quite high if you compare with those in meat and poultry items. The fruits and fruit juices contain almost no fat. The fruits are good source of dietary fiber (fibre).

The fruit carbohydrate chart gives carb counter for fruits and fruit juices, and other nutrition values such as calories, fats, fibers. The vitamin content of fruits is given at nutrition in fruits.

From the chart, note the following:

  • Watermelon contain about 7% carbohydrate. 1 cup of diced watermelon weighing 160 g contains 11 g of carbohydrate and almost 0 fat. If you eat 1 slice of watermelon (480 g), you get 35 g of carbohydrate.
  • Banana is high in carbohydrate. A small banana contains 23.7 gram carbohydrate and 93 calories, whereas 1 cup blueberries has 20.4 g and 1 medium size apple 21 g carbohydrates.
  • Dates and figs have very high carbohydrates.

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Source: USDA Home and garden Bulletin Number 72.

Food ItemPortionCarb
Apple, medium1 each21.
Apple sauce0.25 cup6.
Apricots, dried0.25 cup24.
Apricots, fresh1 each3.
Avocado whole raw (all varieties)1 med1510274.8340
Avocado whole, peeled and pitted (California or Haas)1 med1812255276
Banana, small1 each23.
Blackberries0.25 cup4.
Blueberries0.25 cup5.
Cantaloupe0.25 cup3.
Cherries0.25 cup4.
Cranberries, raw0.25 cup3.
Currants, dried0.25 cup26.
Dates, chopped0.25 cup32.
Figs, dried0.25 cup32.
Figs, fresh1 each9.
Grapes0.25 cup7.
Honeydew Melon0.25 cup3.
Kiwifruit1 each11.
Mango0.25 cup7.
Nectarine1 each16.
Orange1 each16.
Papaya0.25 cup3.
Peach, medium1 each10.
Pear, medium1 each25.
Pineapple0.25 cup4.
Plums1 each8.
Prunes0.25 cup26.
Raspberries0.25 cup3.
Seedless Raisins0.25 cup32.
Strawberries0.25 cup2.
Tangerine1 each7.
Watermelon0.25 cup2.

Carbohydrates in Fruit Juices

Apple Juice0.5 cup14.
Cranberry Juice0.5 cup18.
Grape Juice0.5 cup18.
Grapefruit Juice0.5 cup11.
Grapefruit Juice, Canned and Unsweetened0.5 cup9.
Lemon Juice1 Tbs1.
Lime Juice1 Tbs1.
Orange Juice0.5 cup13.
Tomato Juice0.5 cup5.

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