Carbohydrates Chart For Vegetables

Vegetable carb counter for various vegetables are given. The carbohydrates in vegetables are quite high as in fruits. Compare the carbohydrate values in vegetables with those in meat and poultry items. The chart below shows that the vegetables contain almost no fat and are good sources of dietary fiber.

The chart gives carb counter for vegetables, and other nutrition values such as calories in vegetables, fats in vegetables, fibers in vegetables, and protein in vegetables.

The following table lists carbohydrates in various vegetables, which shows that artichoke, corn, leeks, potato, sweet potato, squash, etc. are very high in carbohydrates.

Source: USDA Home and garden Bulletin Number 72.

 Food ItemPortionCarb
Artichoke1 each13.
Asparagus spears6 each3.
Beans, green0.5 cup4.
Bok Choi1 cup1.
Broccoli0.5 cup3.
Brussels sprouts6 each10.
Cabbage, green0.5 cup1.
Cabbage, red0.5 cup1.
Cabbage, sauerkraut0.5 cup5.
Cabbage, savoy0.5 cup2.
Carrots, medium1 each7.
Cauliflower6 each4.
Celery stalk1 each1.
Celery, chopped1 Tbs0.
Chili Pepper1 each0.
Chilies, green, chopped1 Tbs0.
Collards4 oz-wt7.
Corn0.5 cup16.
Cucumber, English1 each4.
Cucumber, small0.5 each2.
Eggplant0.5 cup3.
Eggplant, Italian0.5 cup3.
Endive0.5 cup1.
Escarole0.5 cup0.
Fennel0.5 cup3.
Greens, mixed1 cup1.
Kale0.5 cup3.
Leeks1 each12.
Lettuce, butter head1 cup1.
Lettuce, romaine1 cup1.
Mushroom, portabello0.5 cup1.
Mushrooms, dried2 Tbs8.
Mushrooms, fresh0.5 cup1.
Okra4 oz-wt7.
Onions1 each9.
Onions, green0.25 cup1.
Peas, podded0.5 cup5.
Peas, green0.5 cup9.
Peas, Snow or Chinese Snow, frozen0.5 cup9.
Peas, Snow or Chinese Snow, cooked0.5 cup5.61.4-2.634
Pepper, green0.5 cup4.
Pepper, red0.5 cup4.
Peppers, jalapeno1 each0.
Peppers, roasted0.5 each2.
Potato, sweet1 each22.
Potato, white0.5 cup15.
Pumpkin0.5 cup9.
Radicchio0.5 cup0.
Radishes6 each1.
Rhubarb0.5 cup2.
Shallots0.25 cup6.
Spinach, uncooked1 cup1.
Squash, acorn0.5 cup14.
Squash, butternut0.5 cup10.
Squash, spaghetti0.5 cup5.
Squash, summer0.5 cup2.
Squash, zucchini1 each5.
Swiss chard0.5 cup0.
Tomato, plum1 each4.
Tomato, small1 each4.
Tomatoes, canned0.5 cup5.
Tomatoes, cherry6 each4.
Tomatoes, chopped0.5 cup3.
Tomatoes, sun dried, oil-packed0.25 cup6.
Turnips0.5 cup3.
Waterchestnuts0.5 cup8.
Watercress0.5 cup0.

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