Calories in Indian Ready Made Curry Sauces

Calories in Indian Vegetable Curry Sauces

The Indian curry sauces are generally high in calories/energy but it depend on the way the food is cooked. When you buy ready made curry sauces, you don't have a choice, but if you cook your curries at home, you have low fat options. Indian curry recipes

Indian Food Calories | Calories In Indian Food | Vegetables Nutrition Chart

The table below lists the nutrion values (total fat, carbohydrates, calories, and proteins of Indian ready made roti, chapatti, bread, naan,paratha and dals from different makes like Patak, Serenna, Tastybite, Vadilal, Ashoka, Sainsbury,Loyd Grossman, Homepride and Go Organic.

The data have been compiled from the sites of the food manufacturers or in some cases from the food packets. The table contains the data for Balti Curry Sauce, Balti Curry Vegetable, Gujrati Red Sauce, Kashmiri Moglai Sauce, Jalfrezi Sauce, Jalfrezi Curry Sauce, Sizzle & Stir Balti Sauce, Sizzle & Stir Korma Sauce, Tandoori Paste, Tikka Masala Curry Sauce and West Indian Hot Pepper Sauce.

Vegetable curry nutrition
Calories in Indian curries
Indian Vegetable Curry Calories

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