Which Food Is High In Minerals

Supplements of minerals have shown to reduce the risk of age-related disease. The following table lists important mineral vitamins needed by our body and their natural sources and benetits.

Mineral Overdose Effects

Daily Value: <18 mg
Food Sources
1 slice wheat bread: 1 mg
Needed to form hemoglobin. Prevents anemia (fatigue, irritability, pale colored skin).
Overdose Effects
The most common cause of fatal poisonings in children. Overdoses can cause liver damage, severe nausea and increased infections.

Daily Value: 1000 mg
Food Sources
1 cup milk: 300 mg
1 cup cooked spinach: 244 mg
1 oz cheddar cheese: 200 mg
maintain and build teeth and bones. Useful for blood clotting and nerve function.
May prevent osteoporosis and colon cancer, lowers high blood pressure.
Overdose Effects
Overdose may produce urinary tract stones, constipation, mental confusion and abdominal pain.

Daily Value: Estimated Requirement 2000 mg
Food Sources
1 medium baked potato: 750 mg
1/8 honeydew melon: 410 mg
1 stalk broccoli: 550 mg
Helps regulate fluid balance. Needed for nerve and muscle function and metabolism.
May prevent high blood pressure and stroke. Good for people who have excessive sweating
Overdose Effects
Rare overdose effects in healthy people. If kidneys are impaired, overdose may cause weakened muscles and tingling in feet and hands.

Daily Value: 1000 mg
Food Sources
Available in all foods, especially high in protein foods.
Along with calcium it helps build bones. Required for metabolism, nerve and muscle function.

Overdose may hinder the body's ability to absorb calcium.

Daily Value: 400 mg
Food Sources
1 cup cooked oatmeal: 56 mg
1 cup brown rice: 84 mg
1/4 cup peanuts: 80 mg
Helps build bones. Activates enzymes needed to release energy in body.
May help prevent heart disease. May prevent kidney stones.
Overdoses can be life threatening.

Daily Value: No U.S. RDA established. Doctors recommend 70 microgram for men and 55 microgram for women.
Food Sources
1 cup oatmeal: 20 mcg
1/2 cup baked beans: 6 mcg
It is one anti-oxidant. Works with vitamin E to prevent breakdown of fats and body chemicals.
May help prevent cancer, improve the immune system.
Overdose Effects
Hair and nail loss, nausea, fatigue, Damage to nervous system, irritation.

Daily Value: 15 mg
Food Sources
1 cup oatmeal: 1 mg
3 oz simmered oysters: 182 mg
3 oz beef: 3-9 mg
For digestion and metabolism.
May help prevent the growth of cells associated with cancer.
Overdose Effects
Overdose may cause poor immune function, vomiting, nausea and premature labor.

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