Nutrition of Lentils

The following chart gives a comparison of nutrition values of some lentils, pulses and legumes. Note the high values of carbohydrates, protein, and fiber that make these lentils very nutritious and healthy.

In Indian market a dal similar to masoor dal, known as kesari dal (Lathyrus) is mixed in other dals like chana dal and tuvar dal because it is cheap and easily cultivatable. This kesari dal, if consumed excessively (diet containing 30 - 40 % of this dal) can produce a condition known as neurolathyrism, which is characterised by paralysis.

Hindi English names of lentils

Values for 100 g of edible uncooked portion

Pulses and legumes Energy
Pro- tein
Mine- rals
Cal- cium
Bengal gram whole Chana3603.960.917.15.33.0202
Bengal gram dal, Chana dal3721.259.820.85.62.756
Black gram dal (dhal), urad dal (dhal)3470.959.624.01.43.2154
Green gram whole, Moong (Mung)3344.156.724.01.33.5124
Green gram dal (dhal), Moong (Mung) dal (dhal)3480.859.924.51.23.575
Red gram,Tuvar (Tur) dal (dhal)3351.557.622.3 1.7 73
Peas dry, Matar3154.556.519.71.12.275
Kidneybeans Rajmah Rajmah3464.860.622.91.33.2260
Soya bean4323.720.943.219.54.6240
Moth beans3304.556.523.61.13.5202

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