Sodium and Salt in Snacks, Soups

A detailed list of salt or sodium content of snacks, sauces, soups, butter, cheese and cream is given. The table below shows that pretzel, soups, sauces and cottage cheese are very high in salt. Corn chips and potato chips contain too much salt as also pretzael. Similarly tomato sauce and tomato soup are rich in salt so you may avoid these or chose their low salt variety. For example, 250 g of pasta sauce contains 1030 mg of sodium, almost half the daily rfecommended intake of sodium.

Sodium in Snacks

Corn chips, barbecue-flavor28.351 oz216
Potato chips, barbecue-flavor28.351 oz213
Potato chips, plain, salted28.351 oz168
Potato chips, plain, unsalted28.351 oz2
Pretzels, hard, plain, salted6010 pretzels1,029
Tortilla chips28.351 oz150
Tortillas, ready-to-bake, corn261 tortilla42
Tortillas, ready-to-bake, flour321 tortilla153
Taco shells, baked13.31 medium49

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Sodium in Soups & Sauces

Barbecue sauce15.751 Tbsp128
Cheese sauce,631/4 cup522
Pasta sauce2501 cup1,030
Salsa sauce161 Tbsp69
Tomato sauce2451 cup1,482
Soy sauce161 Tbsp914
Tomato paste, without salt added2621 cup231
Cream of mushroom soup, canned2481 cup918
Onion soup, dehydrated391 packet3,493
Tomato soup, canned2441 cup695
Vegetable soup, canned2411 cup822
Gravy, beef, canned58.251/4 cup326
Gravy, turkey, canned59.61/4 cup344
Cake, prepared by dry mix,501 piece255
Cake, pound, fat-free281 slice95
Danish pastry, cheese711 Danish320
Puddings, vanilla1134 oz153
Doughnuts, plain471 medium257
Pie, apple1551 piece327
Pie, blueberry1471 piece272
Pie, cherry1801 piece344
Pie, pumpkin1551 piece349
Sugars, granulated4.21 tspn0

Sodium Content of Butter, Cheese & Cream

Butter with salt14.21 Tbsp117
Butter without salt14.21 Tbsp2
Peanut butter, chunk with salt161 Tbsp78
Peanut butter, smooth with salt161 Tbsp75
Margarine with salt added14.11 Tbsp133
Cheddar Cheese28.351 oz176
Cheddar Cheese, low fat28.351 oz174
Cottage Cheese,1% milk fat2261 cup918
Feta Cheese28.351 oz316
Mozzarella Cheese28.351 oz150
Parmesan Cheese51 Tbsp93
Ricotta Cheese2461 cup308
Swiss Cheese28.351 oz74
Cream14.51 Tbsp43
Sour Cream121 Tbsp6
Whipped Cream31 Tbsp4
Condensed milk, sweetened3061 cup389
Evaporated milk, non-fat2561 cup294
Chocolate milk, low-fat2501 cup153
Milk shake, vanilla31311 fl oz297
Soy milk2451 cup29
Ice cream, vanilla661/2 cup53

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