Natural Vitamin D Food Sources

Foods High In Vitamin D

Know the foods that contain vitamin D. There are some foods that are rich in vitamin d.

What food sources have vitamin d? Vitamin D is available only in some foods, but the best way to obtain vitamin D is through the exposure to sunlight.

It is available free of charge from sun light. Just daily sit for 20 minutes in sun, exposing around 15 per cent of the body (it could be hands or feet) to sunlight.

A person would have to drink ten glasses of vitamin D fortified milk each day just to get minimum levels of vitamin D into their diet.
Fatty fish like mackerel, tuna and sardines and fish liver oils are among the best sources. Small amounts of vitamin D are found in egg yolks, fortified milk, fortified dairy products, fortified cereals are good natural sources of D. The milk is fortified with 100 IU/cup of vitamin D, which is 25% of the Daily Value.

If you look at the food labels, you will not find the Vitamin D content, as the food labels are not required by law to list its content unless it has been fortified with vitamin D.

Food Sources of Vitamin D

Food with Vitamin DIU per serving*ug per serving*
Halibut liver oil, 5 g1000-2000050-1000
Cod liver oil, 5 g45012
Shark liver oil, 5 g60-2001.5-5
Salmon, cooked, 100 g3609
Tuna fish, canned in oil, 65 g2005
Tuna fat, 100 g200-12005-30
Mackerel, cooked, 100 g3458.6
Sardines, canned in oil, drained, 50 g2506.25
Ready-to-eat cereal, fortified with 10% of the DV for vitamin D, 0.75-1 cup (more heavily fortified cereals might provide more of the DV)401.0
Egg, 1 whole (vitamin D is found in yolk)200.5
Liver, beef, cooked, 100 g150.37
Milk, nonfat, reduced fat, and whole, vitamin D-fortified, 100 ml401
Milk, whole, 100 ml40.1
Butter, 10 g2-60.05-0.15
Margarine, fortified, 15 g601.5
Cheese, Swiss, 28 g120.3

* IUs = International Units, ug = Microgram

Source: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service. USDA Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, Release 16. Nutrient Data Laboratory Home Page, 2003.

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