Cloves Health Benefits

Cloves are the immature unopened flower buds of a tropical tree. When fresh, they are pink, but turn to a brown color when dried. They have a strong, sweet, aromatic taste.

Cloves (लौंग in Hindi) have many health benefits. They contain 20% essential oil, eugenol (an anesthetic) which is a very strong antiseptic. Clove exhibit high natural antioxidant capacity, says Miguel Hernandez University researchers (Sept 2011).


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  1. Clove oil is useul for toothache relief and can be applied to an aching tooth for immediate relief. (toothache home remedies)
  2. Cloves are strong stimulant and used to treat nausea, indigestion and dyspepsia.
  3. Clove oil is used in the manufacture of soaps, bath salts, perfumes and as a flavouring agent in medicine and dentistry.
  4. They help stimulate sluggish circulation and thereby promote digestion and " /> It is used for vomiting and indigestion.
  5. If you are feeling tensioned then, boil some water with mint leaves, basil leaves and clove. Use this water for black tea.
  6. Chewing a clove with some common salt relieves the irritation in the throat . Chewing a burnt clove is also an effective medicine for coughs. Some people put a clove in paan and burn it and then chew the paan for treating cough.

    Clove is an important ingredient of garam masala.

Clove is an important spice for many vegetable curries, rice pulao and other dishes. There is no substitute for cloves.

Nutritional Values of Cloves


Value per 100g
25.200 gm   
5.200 gm   
8.900 gm   
5.200 gm   
9.500 gm   
46.000 gm   
286.000 K cal
740.000 mg   
100.000 mg   
11.700 mg   
253.000 µg    
0.080 mg   
0.130 mg   
Minerals & Trace Elements
130.000 mg   
1.010 mg   
4.750 mg   
1.470 mg   
0.056 mg   

Source: National Institute of Nutrition, ICMR, Hyderabad, India.

Tips for Storing Cloves

  • Buy whole dried clove buds. Cloves are best bought whole. Store the powder of cloves in an airtight container, keep out of direct light.

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