Nutrition of Poppy Seeds

Poppy Khas Khas

Poppy seeds contain 40 to 50% of fatty oil with less than 10% saturated fats, 60% linoleic acid, and 3% linolenic acid. It comes from opium which is mostly grown in India and Turkey. It is one of the earliest plants cultivated by men.

Details on poppy seeds, their nutrition value and uses are given below.



Value per 100g
4.300 gm   
21.700 gm   
19.300 gm   
9.900 gm   
8.000 gm   
36.800 gm   
408.000 K cal
1584.000 mg   
432.000 mg   
15.900 mg   
Minerals & Trace Elements
257.000 mg   
0.630 mg   
4.310 mg   
4.340 mg   
0.108 mg   

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