Tamarind Health Benefits And Nutrion Facts

What is Tamarind

Tamarind (Hindi name: Imli इमली) has a refreshing sweet, sour taste with a a slight fruity aroma. Tamarind grows extensively throughout the Indian subcontinent, Southeast Asia and the West Indies. tamarind is a brown bean enclosing a number of black seeds (tamarind seeds) from the tamarind tree. The tamarind bean contains a sticky pulp which is used as flavouring for its typical aroma and taste. Tamarind is available as dried pods, pressed fibrous slabs, or as a paste (tamarind paste).

You must be familiar with tamarind paste, tamarind sauce and tamarind chutney. Read below the details on tamarind.

Tamarind Tamarind Pod
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Tamarind is antiseptic, mild laxative, and digestive. Gargles with tamarind water is recommended for a sore throat. Being highly acidic, it gives a cooling effct ot our body in summers. It is believed to boost " />

Tamarind is an excellent polish for brass and copper items.

Tamarind paste is used as a souring agent in the preparation of lentils, curries, rasam, sambhar, and chutneys. Tamarind is an imporatant ingredient for many jams, jellies, drinks, and Worcestershire sauce. Soak a little tamarind paste or pods in hot water for ten minutes, mash it, and pass through a sieve. The thick pulp which passes through the sieve is used.

Nutritional Values of Tamarind

Tamraind Pulp


Value per 100g
20.900 gm   
3.100 gm   
0.100 gm   
2.900 gm   
5.600 gm   
67.400 gm   
283.000 K cal
170.000 mg   
110.000 mg   
17.000 mg   
 Vitamin C
60.000 µg    
0.070 mg   
0.700 mg   
3.000 mg   
Minerals & Trace Elements
41.000 mg   
0.200 mg   
0.550 mg   
0.056 mg   

Tamarind slabs and paste can be stored up to a year, and pods will last indefinitely.

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