Bleeding Gums Disease

Details on bleading gum causes causes of inflammation, gums disease, gingivitis periodontal disease, gum pictures, symptoms and prevention are given.

If your gums are pink in color, firm and do not bleed easily, then you have no bleeding gum disease and they are healthy gums. Gingivitis (bleeding gums) is the first form of periodontal gum disease in which the gums (gingiva) redden, swell and bleed.

Gingivitis is a serious infections that affects the gums and bone supporting the teeth and can lead to a tooth (or teeth) loss. The gum bleeding begins when the bacteria in plaque causes gums' inflammation.

Researchers at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have recently (2006) said that people with diabetes are more likely to have periodontal (gum) disease. Thus, the gum disease and diabetes are linked, according to them.

Gingivitis Pictures

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In the healthy gums picture, the teeth are well locked in the gums. In the gingivitis started picture the bacteria have started attacking and destroying the gum. In the advanced gingivitis picture the bacteria have damaged the gums too much and the teeth may fall due to this.

An unhealthy, bacteria-filled mouth can lead to a host of problems throughout the body, including heart disease, diabetes, blood infection and even low birth-weight babies.The bacteria from the mouth travel to other parts of the body via the bloodstream, causing widespread inflammation.

People with periodontal disease who have increased bacterial exposure are at a higher risk of developing coronary heart disease or plaque formation in the arteries (atherogenesis), says Kenneth Kornman, editor of Journal of Periodontology in a recent issue (Dec 2007).

Healthy gums, Gingivitis

Causes of Gum Disease & Gum Inflammation

  1. Long term plaque is the main cause of gums bleeding or periodontal disease. Unremoved plaque transforms into hard deposit of minerals, called as tartar, at the base of the tooth. This causes inflammation of the gums and their swelling.
  2. Vigorous brushing or flossing of the teeth or brushing with a faulty brush can injure gums that may cause to develop gingivitis.
  3. Other Causes of bleeding gums/B> are diabetes, pregnancy and puberty, smoking or chewing of tobacco, clenching or grinding of teeth, stress, poor oral hygiene and poor nutrition. Certain medications such as birth control pills can cause gingivitis.

Symptoms of Gingivitis Disease

There is usually no early signs and discomfort in gingivitis or periodontal disease. You should observe the following:

  1. Swollen puffy gums,
  2. Bright red or red-purple or shiny gums or redness around the teeth
  3. pus betwein the gums
  4. Tender gums
  5. Gums bleed easily during brushing or eating
  6. Gums painless but are tender when touched
  7. Blood on toothbrush
  8. Loose teeth
  9. Visible deposits of plaque and tartar at the base of the teeth
  10. Mouth sores
  11. Persistent bad breath

Prevention of Bleeding In Gums

  1. Gingivitis can be prevented by taking good care of teeth.
  2. Brush teeth thoroughly twice a day with a good quality toothbrush and anti-plaque toothpaste.
  3. Floss the teeth twice a day to remove food particles in-between the teeth.
  4. Visit the dentist regularly for dental checkups.
  5. Avoid use of tobacco and too much sweets.

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