Indian Curry Recipes, Vegetarian Curry Recipes

Indian curry recipes given on this page make delicious restaurant like vegetarian curry dishes.

The word curry means sauce, derives from kari, a Tamil word. Curry refers to dishes made with vegetables or meat and eaten with roti, chapati, naan. popadum and rice. India has excellent curries, well known Indian curry recipes include vegetable curry, mattar-paneer curry, potato curry, beans curry, kofta curry, korma curry, vindaloo curry, chicken curry, mutton curry and Rogan Josh. Indian restaurant are famous for curry dishes.

Usually the Indian curries involve ghee (or oil), yogurt and spices like turmeric, red chili powder, coriander powder, cumin seed, mustard seed and ginger. It is the right combination of these ingredients that give the dish specific flavor, texture and taste. The curry may be mild or hot depending on the amount of spices used in the preparation of the dishes. The curry recipes may ask for too much oil for frying the spices or may use a small amount of oil making the dish of low calorie.

Most of the vegetarian curry recipes on this site do not use ghee, but use oil that is low in saturated fats.

The following pages gives various low fat curry recipes. The curries recipes of malai kofta, pav bhaji, baigan bharta, palak paneer, bhindi, turai, aloo, dum aloo, aaloo shimla mirch, kaddu given here make very tasty, tempting, and delicious and nutritious restaurant like dishes. Enjoy!

Healthy cooking recipes

Stuffed Vegetable Curries

Stuffed Shimla Mirch
Stuffed Baingan
Stuffed Karela
Besan Stuffed Shimla Mirchi
Stuffed Pyaz
Stuffed Turari

Generally these dishes are high in fat and thus in calories. If you go to an Indian restaurant, you will see the dishes contain too much oil or ghee. That is not good for health. You should ask to add less oil when you order your dishes. Our dishes preserve the nutritional value and are low in fat and thus low in calories, yet very tasty as available in restaurants.

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