What is Cellulite? Cellulite Treatment

Causes of cellulite and how to treat it are discussed. Know all the details on how to get rid of cellulite. The cause of your cellulite includes your genes, gender, age, level of physical activity, the amount of fat on your body, lifestyle, eating habbits and the thickness of your skin.

What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is a build up of lumpy, thick, irregular fat deposit with an orange peel appearance around the buttocks, hips and thighs. It looks ugly and is a problem for those who have it. Cellulite is the deposit of fat close to the skin, it is not very deep. It is generally associated with overweight and obesity. It is possible to get rid off cellulite in some cases.

Causes Of Celluliute

Cellulite is caused by the following reasons.

  1. Lack of exercise reduces the blood supply promoting fluid retention in cellulite areas of the body.
  2. A sluggish liver may be responsible for the cellulite.
  3. A decreased metabolic rate.
  4. Toxin accumulation in the body can also cause cellulite.
  5. Hormonal changes during pregnancy or/and menstruation often crfeates cellulite.
  6. Eating too much fatty foods may be responsible for cellulite.

Cellulite Remedy

Cellulite can be gradually eliminated by detoxification of body and boosting up metabolism. A healthy metabolism will remove cellulite forever. The efficient functioning of the liver is essential for calorie burning and detoxification.

Several options are available for cellulite treatment such as anti cellulite cream, cellulite removal surgery, cellulite diet, anti cellulite massage, etc. There are some suggestions for cellulite exercises also.

How To Reduce Cellulite

  1. Gradually reduce your overall weight.
  2. Stop eating foods high in saturated and hydrogenated fats for cellulite removal.
  3. Eat a diet rich in high fiber food such as lentils (Nutrition of lentils), legumes, whole-grains, fruits and vegetables.
  4. Eat foods that provide essential fatty acids such as omega -6 and omega 3 foods.
  5. Avoid pesticides, additives, colourings and artificial sweeteners to protect liver.
  6. Stop skipping meals. Eat a healthy diet at least 3 times a day.
  7. Remain active. Do some physical activity. Know how Calorie Burning Chart in different activities. use the Daily Calorie Burn Calculator.
  8. Limit your intake of sugar found in desserts and soft drinks.
  9. Massage with essential oil, lemon oil. Heat generated during the massage continue their decomposing effects on fat tissues for 24 hours, calories will keep burning out.
  10. Read Prevent Pregnancy stretch marks

Liposuction (removal of fat by surgery) and mesotherapy (inject drugs into cellulite) treatments may give only temporary results. Note that liposuction is for the removal deep fat.

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