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Healthy Food Swaps, Healthy Food Options

The healthy food swap guide given on this page is good for not only children but also for everybody. If you look at the fat, sugar, and energy contents of the foods your children eat, you will know why your children are overweight. You can always train your children to eat healthy. When your children are young, they depend on you for guidance for foods. You can stop them becoming overweight if you guide them to intake healthy food.

Your child observe and follow you and that becomes his habit. If your child is overweight, it is you who are responsible.

swap food with healthy options

Worse Baby Foods

Many foods marketed for children are often advertised as healthy. But some are worse than junk food because of their sugar and saturated fat content, according to Christine Haigh of Children's Food Campaign joint-coordinatorand reported by the Daily Express (2009). The study revealed that
Farley''s Original Rusks contain more sugar than McVities Chocolate Digestives.
Heinz Toddler Mini Cheese Biscuits contain proportionately more saturated fat than a McDonald''s quarter pounder with cheese.
Cow & Gate''s Baby Balance Bear Biscuits contain trans fats - a health risk.

The following table gives a few healthy swaps for junkfoods. Swap these junkfoods with healthy foods. These smart swap foods are not only for your kids and teenagers, but also for your whole family.

    Less Healthy Food to be avoided

    Swap With

Typical value for 1 slice
Energy: 940kJ
Fat: 11g

Typical values for low fat
Energy: 400kJ
Fat: 1g

Typical value
Energy: 1500kJ
Fat: 15g
Virtually no vitamins

Cereal + Milk
Typical values for low fat
Energy: 500kJ
Fat: nil
Loaded with vitamins and fiber.

Chicken Nuggests
Typical value for 6
Energy: 1275kJ
Fat: 18g

Typical values
Energy: 1000kJ
Fat: 8g
Iron, Fibers, Vitamins

Apple Pie
Typical value
Energy: 1800kJ
Fat: 10g

Fruit Jelly
Typical values
Energy: 550kJ
Fat: 4g

Chocolate Bar
Typical value 60g bar
Energy: 1100 kJ
Fat: 13g

Muesli Bar
Typical values
Energy: 500kJ
Fat: 3g

Soft Drink
Typical value
Sugar: more than 10 teaspoons
Mostly refined

Give with milk or water, Add 1-2 teaspoons of sugar.

Potato Chips
Typical value 25g bar
Energy: 650kJ
Fat: 10g

Typical values for 25g
Energy: 150kJ
Fat: 2g

Hot Chips
Typical value medium
Energy: 1400kJ
Fat: 20g
Loaded with saturated fat and salt.

Corn Cob
Typical values for 25g
Energy: 250kJ
Fat: nil

Typical value 2 slices
Energy: 2250kJ
Fat: 20g
Loaded with saturated fat and salt.

with low fat cheese
Typical values
Energy: 1500kJ
Fat: 12g

Cheese & Becon Rolls
Typical value 2 slices
Energy: 1150kJ
Fat: 10g
Loaded with saturated fat and salt.

Toast with Peanut Butter
Typical values 2 slices
Energy: 900kJ
Fat: 5g

Flavored Milk
Typically 500ml contains same amount of energy as a Big Mac and fat same as a chocolate bar.

Milk with Milo
Save 650kJ and 15g fat.

    Food Item

    Swap With

Packaged Food Items To Be Avoided

Sunny Delight Orange Drink
High in sugar. Typical value
Sugar: 27 g per glass

Skim milk
Make your own sandwich with whole wheat bread and low-fat meat and fresh veggies.

Earth's Best Organic Mini Waffles
High percentage of calories from fat. Typical value: 37% per four-waffle serving

Quaker Oats
Less than 17% of total calories per serving

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers
Typical value
Sodium: 250 mg per serving (very high)

Honey Maid graham crackers
Much lower in salt

Kudos Chocolate Chip Granola Bars
Typical value
Very high in sugar

Cascadian Farms' Chocolate Chip Granola Bars
Loaded with whole grains and zero trans fats and much less added sugar.

Campbell Soup Cars Souper Shapes Condensed Soup
High in sodium. Typical value
Sodium: 580 mg

Earth's Best Organic Elmo Vegetable Soup
Cut up orange slices for a wholesome treat that's high in vitamin C.

Betty Crocker Fruit By The Foot
High in sugar. Typical value
Sugar: 48% of one roll-up by weight.

Real fruit
Cut up orange slices for a wholesome treat that's high in vitamin C.

All Star Chicken Breast Nuggets
High in sodium. Typical value
Sodium: 200 mg more than the recommended maximum for a full meal.

Kid Cuisine's Twist and Twirl Spaghetti with Meatballs
Typical values
seven vitamins and minerals and much lower in sodium.

Oscar Mayer Lunchables Mini Tacos
High in sodium. Typical value
Sodium: 790 mg

Oscar Mayer Lunchables Chicken Dunks
Make your own sandwich with whole wheat bread and low-fat meat and fresh veggies.

Kraft Scooby-Doo! Macaroni & Cheese Dinner
High in sodium.

Uncle Ben's Brown Whole Grain Rice
Swap mac and cheese for brown rice as a side dish. You gain fiber, magnesium, vitamins E and B-6, copper, zinc ? without all the extra sodium.

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