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FatFreeKitchen.com aims to present details on the foundations of a healthy lifestyle - food, fitness and good health to health-conscious individuals. Our aim is to tell you how to eat not only nutritiously, but also deliciously without any guilt and how to take care of your body to live a long healthy life. To achieve these goals, this web site focuses mainly on low fat Indian vegetarian foods and recipes and on well researched health information.

The site has seen many modifications, additions and innovations to take its present form. The contributions to this web site have come from Prakash Mehta and Padma Mehta of Rajasthan, who lived in Jodhpur & Dehradun in India; and visited Boston, Hawaii, California, Dalas and Kentucky in USA, Paris, New Zealand, Tokyo, Kaula Lumpar, Singapore, Hong Kong, Switzerlan, Italy, and Sydney. Both the authors are vegetarians and always eaten mainly Indian vegetarian food.

The health section of this web site is contributed by Prakash Mehta, formerly a Senior Scientist. The web site is updated frequently and maintained by him. He is the author of over 100 Research Papers, 500 Articles, eBooks and a Book for Graduates. He has done considerable research in the areas of holography, laser materials, health topics, gardening areas, etc., making him a good writer in these subjects.

His other websites are: http://www.mykitchengarden.info

The healthy low fat and fat free recipes with no cholesterol given on this web site have been evolved by Padma Mehta who has an experience of over 40 years of making vegetarian dishes using ingredients believed to boost body's immune system and help fight many diseases. She has mastered the vegetarian recipes by considerable experimentation over several years. These recipes are genuine traditional vegetarian, but modified according to the needs and lifestyle of modern times.

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This web site is not funded by any outside agency or company. It is hosted by personal money and from advertisement money received by the site.

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