Top Longevity Secrets and Anti AgingTips

Longevity depends on what you eat and on your life style.

For leading a long healthy life and living longer, you have to eat proper healthy food, do some exercise and remain active. Longevity can be achieved by the tips given on this page.

The secrets of longevity and longevity tips are given below. You can live longer if you follow these tips.

According to American U.S. Surgeon General's report on Nutrition and Health, 75% of cardiovascular disease, 60% of women's cancers, and 40% of men's cancers are related to nutrition and diet. Many of the deaths can be avoided if the persons take proper care of their health.

Here are some secrets of longevity to prolong life:

  1. Washing your hands adds two years.
  2. Good dental hygiene can add six years in your life.
  3. A stable married partnership can add on seven years to life, according to a 2006 study from University of California in Los Angeles. It showed that these people live healthier, happier and longer lives. A divorce can strip away 3 years from your life.
  4. Regular exercise adds about two or more years to your life, according to a Harvard Alumni Study. You should aim to burn at least 8400kJ (2000 cal) a week.
  5. Cigarette smoking can reduce 10 years from your life as tobacco smoke contains highly toxic chemicals.
  6. Smoking, no exercise, fast food and a stressful life can strip away 20 years.
  7. Eat healthy food
  8. Eat less, live longer.
  9. Don't smoke.

    The researchers at the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine found (in 2009) a link between smoking and premature aging. They have identified a key protein that is lost in premature aging, is decreased in smokers with chronic lung disease. Their reuslts say, "Smoking can accelerate the aging process and shorten the lifespan by an average of more than 10 years."

  10. Exercise daily.
  11. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.
  12. Drink at least 8 glass of pure water daily.
  13. Moderate your alcohol intake.
  14. Keep one day fast every month. Drink only water on that day. This will detoxify you and clean your body from within.
  15. Have a positive outlook of life, donot have negative thinking.
  16. Learn to stay stress-free by practicing meditation.
  17. "Social support is a major factor in individual health on a par with the more commonly accepted biological factors of blood pressure, cholesterol, bacterial and viral exposure, and aging itself" says Dr. Stewart Wolf, Professor at Temple University of Medicine in Philadelphia. Your social connection- family members, friends, neighbors would make your life healthier, less stressful and possibly longer.
  18. Visit your doctor at least once a year for complete checkup (blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, liver function, etc.) Your doctor will tell you what tests are important for you.
  19. Immediately report to your doctor any symptoms of cancer, symptoms of heart disease, symptoms of stroke, etc.

General Longevity & Anti Aging Tips

  • Half a raw onion a day to raise HDL cholesterol, an average of 25 percent in most people with cholesterol problems.
  • You are two to three times more susceptible to stomach cancer if you do not eat fruits and vegetables.
  • Eating one banana per day provides the extra 400 milligrams of potassium to reduce the chances of stroke by 40%.
  • There are many high-fat items in the "Salad Bar". Load your plate with fresh vegetables, fruits, beans, whole grains, and low-fat dressing. Avoid creamy dressings.

The recommendations by the International Longevity Center(ILC), a private group for living a long and healthy life are given below:

  1. Exercise & Fitness
    Ideally, adults should expand 2,000 to 3,000 calories each week in exercise. This can be achieved by brisk walking, cycling, jogging, or any other intense physical activity. All should do regular weight-lifting to strengthen legs, arms, and trunk.
  2. Weight
    Excessive weight gain at older age should be avoided. If you are overweight, then try to reduce your weight.
  3. Diet
    • Eating less helps elderly

      Eating less can help older adults improve their memory and prevent or delay the onset of Alzheimer's, reduces the risk of heart disease and boosts cognitive ability, suggests a new study by Agnes Floel and team, at the University of Munster in Germany and published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in January 2009.

    • Eat a variety of foods, at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables every day.
    • Total Fat content: 30% maximum of daily calories
      Aggressive fat reduction should be avoided, because it is associated with an increase in dietary carbohydrate, which is associated with insulin resistance, and a reduction is "good" cholesterol (HDL) and increase in "bad"(LDL) cholesterol and triglyceride.
    • Cholesterol intake: Under 300mg

Problems of Ageing

As we age, most of the body's organs perform less efficiently. Our vision and hearing power deteriorate, muscle strength weakens, immune system weakens, skin and blood vessels become less flexible, and there is an overall decline in body performance.

The following cellular and bodily changes are associated with the process of ageing. These create many problems.

  1. The rate at which cells multiply tends to slow down as we age.
  2. Certain cells important for our immune system decrease with age.
  3. Ageing interferes with apoptosis, which programs cells to die at appropriate times.
  4. Heart
    Heart muscle becomes less efficient.
    Blood vessels become less elastic.
    Fatty deposits may form on the walls of arteries.
    As a result of this, the arteries become stiffer, needing heart to work harder, leading to high blood pressure.

  5. Brain and nervous system
    The number of neurons in brain decreases.
    Memory becomes less efficient.
    Reflexes become slower.
    Coordination decreases.

  6. Bones and joints
    Bones shrink in size, their density reduces and become more susceptible to fracture.
    Muscles, tendons and joints lose flexibility and strength.
    These all bone related problems creat many issues like knee pain (Knee pain relief exercises video), back pain (Back pain exercises for Seniors video), pain in neck, etc.

  7. Digestive system
    Digestion may slow down.

  8. Kidneys, bladder and urinary tract
    Kidneys become less efficient.
    Loss of bladder control (urinary incontinence).

  9. Eyes
    One of the most common changes in aging is visual changes, whether you have noticed that just now you need contact lenses or glasses, or you may feel tired quicker than before.
    Aging is a natural process, but we sure can delay some of the signs of aging and hopefully be able to age healthy.
    Eyes produce less tears, retinas thin and lenses gradually become less clear.
    Cataract, glaucoma and macular degeneration.

  10. Teeth
    Dry mouth - mouth feels drier and your gums have pulled back.
    Teeth may become more brittle.
    Oral cancer is more common among aged people.

  11. Ears
    Hearing loss. Sounds and noise can damage the hair cells of inner ears.
    The walls of auditory canals thin. Eardrums thicken.

  12. Skin Aging
    Skin thins and becomes less elastic and more fragile.
    Skin drier and more wrinkles.
    Age spots.
    Skin cancer possibility.

  13. Sleep
    Disturbed sleep
    Waking up several times each night.

  14. Weight & metabolism
    Metabolism generally slows down.
    Calories not utilized efficiently and stored as fat.
    Weight gain as level of activity may decrease.

  15. Sexuality
    Sexual performance may change.
    Women: vagina walls become less elastic, vaginal dryness.
    Men: may become impotent.

  16. Hair
    Grey hair treatment
    Thin hair
    Hair fall remedy

  17. Nails
    Nails growth reduces to half.

  18. Loss in height as we age. The reasons for height loss include the changes in posture, increased curvature of the hips and knees, joint changes in the feet, compression of the discs between the vertebrae (the spine bones), etc.
  19. The body fat increases with ageing.

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