Homemade DIY Natural Beauty Recipes

Looking beautiful is important for both men and women. A true beauty is timeless, whereas physical beauty fades out with time.

Easy Homemade Beauty Products

Natural beauty recipes and remedies are based on herbs and natural ingredients that help improve skin disorders and detoxify. They help in providing natural oil and moisture to the skin.

Making your own beauty products using common household products is very simple and easy by following recipes and the tips given on this page.

95% women believe that natural ingredients are good for solving most of the skin and beauty problems. There is no harm in trying beauty masks, scrubs, lotions, etc. made at home.

Health Hazards of Cosmetics

various ingredients for homemade beauty recipes
  1. Health experts say that excessive usage of cosmetics by children enhances their risk to various types of cancer and other problems later in life. Most of cosmetic products use potentially dangerous chemicals like parabens and phthalates. The parabens chemical have been recently found in breast cancer tissues. This chemical can affect the hormone estrogen.
    The phthalates are linked to lower sperm counts in men, premature breast development and allergies.
  2. A study conducted by Consumer Education and Research Society, Ahmedabad, in April 2010 revealed that many popular lipstick brands have a high lead content (up to 25 parts per million), the reds were less poisonous than the brown ones; and the lesser priced lipsticks had less lead than the premium brands.
    Lead is a neurotoxin causing learning, language and behavioural problems, develops infertility and miscarriage. Young children and pregnant women are particularly vulnerable to lead exposure.

Ingredients For Homemade beauty recipes

The main ingredients for natural beauty recipes for masks, pastes and scrubs and other beauty products used in different beauty formulae are given below. Most of the ingredients are available in your kitchen.

  1. Aloe gel: remedy for burns.
  2. Natural beauty recipes with Avocado: good source of vitamin E and natural oils, natural moisturizer.
  3. Homemade Beauty recipes width Coconut Milk and coconut oil beauty recipes: great for natural beauty recipes, for smooth skin.
  4. Natural beauty recipes with Shea butter: This is used in natural beauty formulae for its natural antibacterial properties. It can be used for eczema, preventing stretch marks, wound healing and as an anti-aging treatment for skin.
  5. Natural beauty recipes with Cucumber: for dark circles under eyes and wrinkles, under-eye puffiness.
  6. Egg: skin conditioner, egg white for normal and oily skin, yolks for dry skin
  7. Fenugreek seeds (dana methi): for skin scrub, if taken internally purifies blood.
  8. Beauty recipes with Honey: for wrinkles, skin pores and lose skin, a natural astringent, natural moisturizer.
  9. Milk: for skin nourishment.
  10. Nuts: used in scrubs for wrinkles, skin pores and blackheads.
  11. Oatmeal: for smooth skin, improves complexion
  12. Cocoa Butter:
  13. Olive oil (cooking oils): good for dry skin.
  14. Beewax: great for lotions, lip balm, foot cream, baby care recipes, etc.
  15. Oranges, Lemons, Pineapple: natural astringents, improves complexion, soften the skin, skin bleach.
  16. Natural beauty recipes with Tomato: opening the skin pores.
  17. Vinegar: for blemishes, itchy skin, and sunburn, softens skin
  18. Yogurt: softens and hydrates the skin, skin cleanser, skin bleach.
  19. Witch Hazel: body eodorant, for eye puffiness.

Beauty Recipes and remedies

homemade beauty remedies
  1. Know Your Skin
  2. Natural skin care tips
    Get flawless skin and beauty naturally using these skin care tips. Do not waste money on cosmetics and skin care products.
  3. Blackheads, Whiteheads remedies
    Find natural simple remedies for whiteheads, blackheads, enlarged pores, age spots, blemishes, etc.
  4. Sunscreens
    The UV rays from the sun can make skin rough with freckles, spots and wrinkles. Sunscreen is important to keep your skin beautiful, healthy and prevent premature ageing.
  5. Natural sunscreen recipes
    The natural homemade sunscreen can be made that soothe, nourish and protect the skin from sun's rays. The ingredients that may be used in a natural sunscreen are sesame oil, coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, Emu oil, Aloe vera or shea butter, etc.
  6. Sunburn
    Sunburns can affect you if you are exposed to ultra-violet rays from sun. Their symptoms can be mild or intense and the remedy can take several days for full relief.
  7. Sun poisoning treatment
    Sun poisoning describes a variety of allergic reactions of the skin to the sun. These are known as photodermatitis and are caused by either overexposure to sun's rays alone or in combination to certain cosmetics, chemicals, plants and drugs used on the skin.
  8. Ageing of Skin
    The aging of skin is a natural process, no body can prevent it. The signs of aging are lack of skin elasticity and loss of firmness, roughness and dryness of skin. The problems of skin aging should be treated carefully.
  9. Treatment For Wrinkles
    Wrinkles on face, under eyes, around lips, forehead, are the signs of skin ageing. Premature wrinkles can be prevented if you take proper care of your skin when you are young.
  10. Yoga Face Exercises
    You can improve your face by exercises of face muscles using yoga to get face lift, remove wrinkles and to tighten sagging skin. The facial exercises are designed to tone up all the muscles of the face and neck that can restore a radiant, youthful and glowing look removing wrinkles and tightening saggin skin.....
  11. Healthy Foods for skin
    There are certain foods that have been traditionally used to treat skin. These foods will cure major skin problems and make your skin healthy.
  12. Dry skin
    You may need to care for dry skin if you have dry skin on face, hands and feet. Some people have advanced or extremely dry skin condition with rash. When the level of sebum becomes low, skin loses its ability to retain moisture.
    The dry skin remedy is available right in your kitchen. Milk and yogurt are natural moisturizers and good skin cleansers. Yogurt, milk, honey, olive oil, oatmeal and egg are good for the treatment of dry skin.
  13. Oily Skin
    The causes of your oily skin may be due to your heredity, hormone levels and the use of wrong types of creams and lotions. High humidly also cause oily skin.
  14. Glowing skin
    You can transform your dry and dull skin into a smooth, soft, supple and glowing skin by using homemade skin lotions using ingredients such as banana, honey, egg, lemon, etc.
  15. Acne, Pimples
    Formation of pimples or acne is due to the interaction between digestive fluids from the liver and the hormones in the body. These fats accelerate the growth of pimples. Use a natural antibacterial, non-oily face wash such as those containing tea tree oil or a clay mask containing echinacea. Acne can be treated using acne home remedies and acne scars can also be removed. Acne in Adults
  16. Facial Hair Remedy
    Women get concerned if they have unwanted excessive dark or dense hair growth (known as hirsutism) on their face or any other part of the body including facial, armpits (Dark armpits) pubic and bikini hair. The excessive hair on women's body may be due to hormonal changes at puberty, pregnancy, irregular periods, menopause, etc. Find several hair removal treatment and homemade remedies for hair on face and other parts of the body.
  17. Facial Masks
    The purpose of a mask is to improve skin and outlook of the face, depending on the type of skin. You can make your own masks and packs containing natural ingredients such as honey, mud, clay, avocado, banana, lemon, orange, papaya, mango, etc. are quick and simple to create at home. Facial Cleansers
  18. Body scrubs
    A body scrub is a body treatment that is like a facial for the whole body. It exfoliates and hydrates the skin, making it smoother, softer and healthier. Make body scrub at home using herbs and natural ingredients which help improve the skin disorders.
  19. Body odor
    The unpleasant body odor at underarms, feet, anus, vegina, pubic hair, groin and skin is due to the growth of bacteria in the presence of sweat. The strength of odor depends on gender, personal hygiene, health, diet, eating habits, and medication. You can treat your body odor .....
  20. Dark circles under eyes
    Dark under eye circles are generally due to a lack of sleep, fatigue, stress, some deficiency or some disease. These may be hereditary. Heredity, lack of sleep, excessive crying, stress, high sodium intake, excess consumption of alcohol can cause bags under eyes. treat them using the given solutions.
  21. Stretch marks
  22. Cellulite remedies
    Cellulite is a build up of lumpy, thick, irregular fat deposit around the buttocks, hips and thighs. Cellulite is the deposit of fat close to the skin. It is possible to get rid off cellulite in some cases.
  23. Body Wraps at home
    Body wraps are being said to be useful for weight loss, cellulite elimination and detoxification, but there is no scientific evidence that they really pull out toxins the body in any way. Know how to make a body wrap and apply it.....
  24. Bad breath remedy
    Bad breath is associated with teeth problems. You may have chronic bad breath.There are some home remedies and solutions for bad breath....
  25. Natural beauty tips
  26. Remove Moles
  27. Nails Care
  28. Fat Lips
  29. Lip Gloss
  30. Chapped lips
  31. Dark armpit
  32. Aromatherapy Bath Salt, Body Spritzer
  33. Dehydration

Homemade Beauty Recipes For Hair Care

  1. Hair Care Tips
    You can treat your damaged hair to get shining, fabulous, thick, gorgeous and dandruff free hair with these tips.
  2. Hair Masks
    Recipes for making hair masks, packs, ......
  3. Dandruff remedies
    Dandruff can occur to anybody at any age. It should not be left untreated. Dandruff is a scalp condition that can be controlled and treated....
  4. Hair fall remedies
    Everybody loses 20 to 100 hair each day without noticing it. The question is what are causes of hair loss and how to prevent and stop hair loss using simple ingredients......
  5. Grey hair remedies
  6. Hair Setting

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