Types of Indian Roti or Breads

Indian Roti, Chapati

There are various kind of Indian breads. These are know as roti or chapati or phulka or naan.

Rolling Pin for Indian Breads or Roti

They are made of wholewheat flour and cooked on a flat pan (tava. However, naan is made of plain flour (maida and is cooked in a Tandoor. Chapati or roti are eaten almost daily in North India. Naan is eaten in Punjab. South Indian people eat roti only sometimes. The restaurants serves both roti and naan, but most people eat naan there.

How to Make a Roti or Chapati?

The rolling of roti and its cooking is an art. Expert hands when roll a roti with a rolling pin, the roti rotates (turns round and round) on the rolling plate and it grows in size. For making a good roti, the wheat dough should be made at least half an hour in advance.

Heat a tava (or frying pan) on medium heat. When the tava is hot, put the roti on it. After about 3-4 minutes (the time depends on the temperature of stove) the roti will be half cooked. Reverse the side of the roti. Cook it for 5-7 minutes. Reverse again and press the roti with a cloth gently to allow the roti to pop-up. (or remove the tava and put the roti directly on the flame). This process should turn the roti into a small poped up flying saucer shape.

Different types of Indian breads and their description are given below.

Different Types of Indian Breads

Roti, Chappati: These are thin round shape bread of wheat flour cooked on tava .

Tandoori Roti: These are also thick round shape bread of wheat flour baked in Tandoor .

Naan: Baked thick oval bread of plain flour (maida).

Poori: Deep fried small puffed bread of wheat flour.

Paratha, parantha: Shallow fried thick round, square or triangular bread.

Tandoori Paratha, parantha: Baked in Tandoor, thick oval shaped bread.

Stuffed Paranths, parantha: Shallow fried thick round, square or triangular bread stuffed with lentils, potao, or other filling.

Bhatura: Deep fried thick round bread made of plain flour (maida).

Do not use very fine flour. It lacks in fiber. Also do not seive the flour, it will remove all the fiber from the flour.

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