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Secrets for rapid and fast weight loss revealed. Know whether you are overweight. Detailed weight loss information given to lose weight easily forever.

Read all the following pages for rapid and fast weight loss. If you are overweight or obese and want to lose weight, you do not need any weight loss pill or undergo a drastic liposuction.

Recent surveys have found that nearly 2/3rd of U.S. adults and 1 in 4 Australians were overweight (a body-mass index of between 25 and 30, Body Mass Index Chart), while more than 10 % of children of ages 2 to 5 and 15 % of youngsters of ages 6 to 19 were seriously overweight.

A study (Journal of American Medical Association,July 2006) suggests that 63% of severely obese (at least 45 kg overweight) women have high blood pressure compared with 23% of women of normal weight. Also 19% of severely obese women have heart disease, compared to 7% of those of normal weight.

Can't fit into your clothes? Your size goes on increasing? Are you tired of all the miracle diets, pills, herbs, shakes and other products that promise fast weight loss and only leave you hungry and disappointed?

Quick weight loss is not the answer to obesity. If you lose weight rapidly, you will gain it back fast and sometimes even more! Discover natural WEIGHT LOSS Secrets.

Losing weight is difficult but not impossible. The weight loss information given on these pages are ideal for people of all ages, including children, adults, and seniors.

To know if you are of normal weight or overweight or obese, simply substract 100 from your height in cm, that should be roughly your normal weight in kg.


Your height = 155 cm

Your normal weight =
155 - 100 = 55 kg= 55 x 2.2 =121 pounds

But if your weight is more than 55 kg by 10 % i.e. 55 + 5.5=60.5 kg, then you are overweight.

If your weight is more than 20% than 55 kg, i.e. 55 = 11 = 66 kg, then you are obese.

This is a rough guide only.

You can roughly know whether you are overweight or have normal weight by using the following calculator.

Gender = Male Female

Weight = Pounds

Height =   Feet Inches

Waist =   Inches

Lifestyle = Very Active
                 Moderately Active

Age = More Than 50 Years
          Between 20 And 50 Years
          Less Than 20 Years

Your Ideal Weight = Pounds

You Are Overweight by = Pounds

Your Excess Fat = Pounds

Interpretation of Results

1. Ignore any negative value in overweight field. It does not tell that you are underweight. It means that you have normal weight.
2. If you are of normal weight but have excess fat (Body Fat Percentage), try to reduce it by muscle mass fat.
3. If you are overweight by 'x' pound and have excess fat of 'y' pound, then you should try to burn 'x' pounds from 'y' pounds of excess fat.

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