Calorie Burning Chart

You can know how many calories you can expand doing routine work using calorie burn calculator and chart given on this page.

Burn Calories Easily

  1. Clean your house, windows, garage, backyard, etc. by sweeping, scrubbing, moping, polishing. All these activities burn calories.
  2. Park your car 10 minutes from work or shopping mall and walk. This will also save you time in searching a parking spot.
  3. Use the stairs instead of lift or escalators in mall, office, station and home where possible. You can lose several kilograms a year if you daily walks up and down 5 flights of stairs a couple of times a day.
  4. Move! If you have a sitting job, get up every hour and walk around; go outside if possible and move round the building.
  5. Use the toilet /bathroom farthest from you in office every time.
  6. Get off the bus or train 1 or 2 stops early and walk that last part.
  7. Place your wastebasket on the other side of your room in office.

  8. Do not use remote of TV and DVD/VCR player.
  9. Listen to the TV/radio news while walking in your house in morning, evening or both if possible.
  10. Sit in a rocking chair. Tap your fingers and toes to music.
  11. Don't use the intercom, walk to the person and talk.
  12. Vacuum your house, clean windows, water plants, mow grass, spread your washed clothes on a washing line rather than putting in the drier, and iron your clothes yourselves. This will save money and you remain fit! As a bonus, your partner will be happy that you are doing all work yourself!
  13. Buy your own groceries and pull the shopping cart yourself to your home, if possible.
  14. Play soccer or any game with your family members and/or dog. Even 10 minutes throwing a Frisbee or chasing a dog will burn calories.
  15. Don't look for excuses for not doing any physical activity.
  16. Walk any distance that is within a kilometer. If you walk briskly, it is good for your waistline and heart.

Burning Calories Easily | Calorie Burning Chart | Body mass index chart

How Many Calories You Burn?

Calculate calories that you can expand in different activities using following calorie burner calculator.

Weight (in lbs.)    
Duration (in min.)

Calorie Calculator : Daily Life Activities
HousecleaningMowing Lawn: hand push
Chopping & Splitting WoodGardening: general
Mowing Lawn: power pushOperate Snow Blower: walking
Children's 4-square gameRaking Lawn
Sex: Moderate effort
KissingKissing passionately for a minute will burn 6.4 calories. So 10 times kissing in day will burn 64 calories and approximately 23,000 calories in a year!
Calorie Calculator : Home Exercise and Home Activities
Aerobics, Step: low impactAerobics, Step: high impact
Aerobics: waterStationary Bicycling: moderate
Bicycling, Stationary: vigorousCircuit Training: general
Rowing, Stationary: moderateRowing, Stationary: vigorous
Weight Lifting: generalWeight Lifting: vigorous
Calorie Calculator : Training Activities
Basketball: one gameBasketball: wheelchair
Bicycling: mountainBicycling: 12-14 mph
Bicycling: 14-15.9 mphBoxing
Football: competitiveFootball: general
FrisbeeGolf: carrying clubs
Golf: using cartGymnastics: general
Handball: generalHiking
Horseback RidingIce Skating: general
Martial ArtsRacquetball: competitive
Racquetball: casualRock Climbing: ascending
Rock Climbing: descendingRollerblade Skating
Rope JumpingRunning: 5 mph
Running: 5.2 mphRunning: 6 mph
Running: 7.5 mphRunning: 10 mph
Running: pushing wheelchair, marathon wheelingRunning: cross-country
Skiing: cross-countrySkiing: downhill
Snow ShoeingSoftball: general
SwimmingTennis: general
Volleyball: non-competitive, 
general play
Volleyball: competitive
Volleyball: beachWalk: 3.5 mph
Walk: 4 mphWalk: 4.5 mph
Jogging <10 min.Water Skiing
Water PoloWhitewater: rafting

The calorie burn calculator will tell you how many calories you burn in various activities such as walking, running, etc. You will protect your heart if you do a moderate level of physical activity it will help you keep fit.

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