Weight Loss Exercise Plan

Overweight and obese people often ask, which is the best exercise for weight loss? The weight loss exercises given on this page will guide you about different exercises.

If you have a healthy body weight, then aerobic exercise is vital for maintaining it. Aerobic exercise also helps to prevent the gain in weight after you stop a particular weight loss diet. Just three hours of walking each week is enough.

It is generally believed that aerobic exercises are good for weight loss. But contrary to this, anaerobic exercise is best for weight loss.

Anaerobic exercise is ideal for losing fat and weight. The aim should be to increase muscle mass. A pound of fat only needs about 14 calories per week to survive, while a pound of muscle uses 350 to 500 calories per week. Muscles therefore burn fat even when you are sleeping, because your metabolism is higher.

Anaerobic exercises burn more fat than aerobic exercises. The important point to note is that the fat continues to burn even after the exercise has finished!

To increase the muscle mass, you should do weight resistance or strength training exercises or muscle building exercise such as lifting weights, at least twice a week.

There is a misconception that the resistance training will make you bigger like a weight-lifter and so it is not for females. Actually, resistance training is not about increasing the size of the body but its strength. The resistance training exercies basically build the muscles to give the body a better look.

Resistance training involves activities that use weights, machines and even body weight to work out the muscles properly. It builds muscles by expanding tremendous amount of energy from the fat deposits in your body.

You should drink lots of water (8-10 glasses daily) if you want to have more muscle mass as muscles are primarily composed of water. Water helps proper muscle contraction so that the working muscle is properly exhausted.

Advantages of Anaerobic Exercise

Consult your Doctor or Physiotherapist before starting any resistance training or any exercise, especially for people who have medical conditions. You should never do any exercise which causes pain and discomfort.

The exercises should be done correctly on a regular basis, otherwise you may injure yourself.

The exercise plan should involve the following steps:

     1. Warm up by brisk walk for 15 minutes

     2. Stretching for 5 minutes

     3. Resistance training or weight training exercises

These days yoga for weight loss exercises are becoming popular and some considered these as best exercises for weight control.

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