Stretch Mark Removal

Why Stretch Marks Are Formed?

Stretch marks are formed when the skin's building blocks (collagen and elastin) do not keep up with its need for growth. It means that the skin stretches at a rate that cannot be sustained by its elasticity. Stretch marks generally appear on the breasts, abdomen, buttocks, and the thighs, initially as faint red lines of varying length and widths, gradually becoming lighter than the surrounding skin.

The stretch marks are created when body's cortisone level increases, particularly in puberty, pregnancy, or weight gain, or sometimes due to cortisone medications. They are formed in the inner layers of the skin.

The natural question is how to get rid of stretch marks? Those who have stretch marks want to get rid of stretch marks. There are some home remedies for the removal of stretch marks. If these remedies do not work, then consult your Doctor.

Stretch marks

Stretch Mark on Skin Pictures

  1. The stretch marks can be prevented. Cocoa butter is very effective in preventing pregnancy stretch marks. To prevent stretch marks, massage pure coco butter over your stomach, hips and breasts, twice daily during pregnancy. Stretch marks will not develop. Sandalwood protects the skin from stretching extensively during pregnancy.
  2. Open an aloe vera (gwar mata) leaf and apply its gel regularly during pregnancy. This will prevent pregnancy stretch marks.
  3. Mix wheat germ oil and calendula oil in equal proportions and apply on stomach, hips and breasts. This minimizes the stretch marks because of pregnancy or overweight.
  4. You can cure or remove recent stretch marks with high doses of tretinoin applied to the mark. Tretinoin in the form of Retisol-A, Retin-A, Stieva-A or Rejuva-A can be used that cause a realignment of the collagen in the skin.
  5. Massage the body area with extra virgin olive oil or Cocoa Butter or Pure Vitamin E Oil . These help in the softening of the skin and the affected area for a shorter time period. Applying these ointments treast the external skin. Rub well to penetrate deeper into the inner layers.
  6. Laser treatment.
  7. Opaque cosmetics may be used to camouflage visible stretch marks.
  8. Lift weights to tighten the surrounding skin. The stretch marks will appear smoother.

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