Nutrfition And Calories in Meat

Do you know how much fat is in meats, fish? Chicken, turkey, fish, red meat are all high in cholesterol, fat, and without any fiber.

Most diets substitute chicken, turkey and fish for red meat as healthy subsitutes. As a matter of fact these foods are all high in cholesterol, fat, and have no fiber. You should look at the percentage (%) of calories as fat in these food items.

Source:U.S.D.A. Handbook N0. 456

% of calories as fat in meat, fish and Products
Tuna Chunk, oil-packed 63% Sirloin Steak, hipbone, lean with fat 83%
Herring, Pacific 59% Pork Sausage 83%
Anchovies54%T-Bone Steak, lean with fat 82%
Bass, Black Sea53%Porterhouse Steak, lean with fat 82%
Perch, Ocean53%Bacon, Lean 82%
Caviar, sturgeon52%Rib Roast, lean with fat 81%
Mackerel, Pacific50%Bologna 81%
Sardines, Atlantic, in oil, drained49%Country-style sausage 81%
Salmon, sockeye (red)49%Spareribs 80%
Hormel Spam Luncheon Meat 77% Lamb rib chops, lean with fat 79%
Mrs. Paul's Battered Fish Fillets75%Duck meat, with skin 76%
Del Monte Bonito67%Salami 76%
Morton Beef Tenderloin64%Liverwurst 75%
Mrs. Paul's Fried Shrimp58%Rump roast, lean with fat 71%
Mrs. Paul's Clam Crepes55%Ham, lean with fat 69%
Hormel Dinty Moore Corned Beef53%Stewing beef, lean with fat 66%
Swanson Salisbury Steak52%Goose meat, with skin 65%
Nabisco Chicken in a Biskit51%Ground beef, fairly lean 64%
Morton House Beef Stew49%Veal Breast, lean with fat 64%
Mrs. Paul's Flounder48%Leg of lamb, lean with fat 61%
Swanson Veal Parmigiana48%Chicken, dark meat with skin, roasted 56%
Swanson Fried Chicken46%Round steak, lean with fat 53%
Hormel Dinty Moore Beef Stew45%Chuck rib roast, lean only 50%
Morton Beef Pot Pie45%Chuck steak, lean only 50%
Mrs. Paul's Fish Au Gratin43%Chicken, light meat with skin, roasted 44%

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