Salt Content of Vegetables and Fruits

A detailed list of salt or sodium content of common vegetables, fruits and fruit juices is given in the following table. You will notice that vegetables and fruits are very low in sodium content. If you buy vegetable juices and soups from stores, then they are generally loaded with sodium.

Sodium Content of Vegetables

Asparagus, boiled604 spears7
Beans,boiled1251 cup4
Beet greens, boiled1441 cup347
Beets, boiled1701 cup131
Broccoli, raw881 cup24
Brussels sprouts, frozen, boiled1551 cup36
Cabbage, raw701 cup13
Carrots, raw1101 cup39
Cauliflower, raw1001 cup30
Celery, raw1201 cup104
Sweet Corn, boiled771 ear13
Cucumber, raw1041 cup2
Eggplant, boiled991 cup3
Lettuce, iceberg, raw551 cup5
Lettuce, raw561 cup5
Lima beans, canned2411 cup810
Mushrooms, raw701 cup3
Onions, raw1601 cup5
Onions, spring, raw151 whole2
Peas, green, canned1701 cup428
Peas, green, frozen, boiled1601 cup139
Peppers, green, raw1491 cup3
Potatoes, baked1561 potato8
Potatoes, boiled1561 cup8
French fries, frozen, without salt5010 strips15
Radishes, raw4.51 radish1
Spinach, canned2141 cup58
Spinach, raw301 cup24
Squash, summer, raw1131 cup2
Squash, winter, baked2051 cup2
Sweet potato, cooked1051 piece74
Tomatoes, red1801 cup16
Tomatoes, sun-dried21 piece42
Turnip greens, boiled, without salt1441 cup42
Turnips, boiled, without salt1561 cup78
Vegetables, mixed, canned1631 cup243
Sauerkraut, canned2361 cup1,560

Sodium Content in Fruits

Apples1381 apples0
Avocado, California28.351 oz3
Banana11811 banana
Blueberries, fresh1451 cup9
Blueberries, frozen, sweetened2301 cup2
Cherries in syrup6810 cherries0
Figs1 medium1
Grapes, red or green, seedless5010 grapes3
Kiwi fruit1 medium4
Cantaloupe melon691/8 melon6
Guavas, fresh12
Honeydew melon1701 cup17
Kiwi fruit13
Lemon, fresh11
Lime, fresh11
Litchi, fresh11
Nectarines1361 nectarine0
Olives, canned225 large192
Oranges1311 orange0
Passion fruit15
Papayas1401 cup4
Peaches, fresh981 peach0
Peaches, canned2481 cup10
Pears1661 pear0
Pineapple, canned2491 cup2
Pineapple1551 cup2
Plums661 plum0
Pomegranates, fresh1 medium5
Quince, fresh1 medium4
Prunes, dried425 prunes2
Pumpkin, boiled without salt2451 cup2
Raisins1451 cup17
Raspberries, fresh1231 cup0
Raspberries, frozen, sweetened2501 cup3
Strawberries, fresh1661 cup2
Strawberries, frozen, sweetened2551 cup8
Tomatoes, fresh14
Watermelon1521 cup3

Sodium in Juice & Beverages

Beer, regular35512 fl oz18
Wine, red1033.5 fl oz5
Club soda35512 fl oz75
Apple juice, unsweetened2481 cup7
Grapefruit juice, canned, sweetened2501 cup5
Grapefruit juice2471 cup2
Lemon juice, fresh471 lemon0
Lemon juice, bottled15.21 Tbsp3
Orange juice2481 cup2
Tomato juice, canned with salt added2431 cup877
Vegetable juice cocktail, canned2421 cup653

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