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The vegetarians often face the problem when they eat out because most of the foods are animal based. Fortunately food alternatives are now available for a number of non-vegetarian ingredients. Substitues for ice cream, egg, whey, gelatin and dairy products are mainly soy based.

In the following table, food substitutes are suggested

ProductReplace with
Dairy products like milk, yogurt, cheese, butterSoy milk, soy margarine, soy yogurt, nut milks, rice milks
Egg productsFor cakes & pancakes: 1 banana for 1 egg
2 Tbsp corn starch for 1 egg
1 tspn of soya flour and 1 Tbsp water. 1/4 cup tofu for 1 egg
GelatinAgar agar, fruit pectin,locust bean gum
Hot dogSoy dogs or tofu dogs
Ice CreamFrozen yogurt, soy-or rice based frozen desserts
Pepperoni PizzaSoy varieties
Sausage Soy or tofu sausage
Whey Soy derived whey
Whipped CreamSoy based whipped creram
CreamCoconut milk
Cheese dipMustard or tomato dips
Potato chipsBanana chips, popcoen, sweet potato chips
Canned fruitsFresh fruits
White breadWhole wheat bread
MaidaWhole wheat flour
Maida pastaWhole wheat pasta
SugarJaggery, honey
IcecreamFrozen yogurt
White meatRed meat
Meat productsFor soups & stew: tofu, tempeh, wheat gluten
White wineRed wine

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