Nutrition And Calories In Mcdonalds Desserts and Shakes

The nutrion data for Mcdonalds desserts reveal that some of the servings are quite high in calories, for example, Butterfinger McFlurry (16 fl cup) gives 900 calories, out of which 280 calories come from fat. McDonalds shakes are also high in calories, for examples, Strawberry Triple Thick Shake or Raspberry Triple Thick Shake (16 fl cup) gives 560 calories, out of which 150 calories come from fat.

The following table gives the nutrition data including calories, cholesterol, sodium, protein, vitamins caloreis in McDonalds Desserts such as Butterfinger McFlurry, Oreo Chocolate Triple Thick Strawberry Triple Thick, Raspberry Triple Thick Shake, etc.

Note that the nutrition values are as per year 2000. Check McDonalds web site for current data on nutrition and calories In Mcdonalds desserts and shakes.


Items Size CalCalo- ries from fat TF (g)Satu- rated fat
Cho- les- terol (mg)Sod- ium (mg)Carbo- hydr- ates
Pro- tein
% Daily Value **
Cal- ciumIron
Chocolate Triple Thick™ Shake (12 fl cup)333 mL430110128502107016111202352
Chocolate Triple Thick™ Shake (16 fl cup)444 mL5801501711652809418215254454
Strawberry Triple Thick™ Shake (12 fl cup)333 mL4201101285014067<15911201035*
Strawberry Triple Thick™ Shake (16 fl cup)444 mL56015016116519089<179142515452
Vanilla Triple Thick™ Shake (12 fl cup)333 mL43011012850300670571120235*
Vanilla Triple Thick™ Shake (16 fl cup)444 mL5701501611654008907614254452
Raspberry Triple Thick™ Shake (12 fl cup)9.2 (262 g)4201101285015067<1581120635*
Raspberry Triple Thick™ Shake (16 fl cup)12.3 (349 g)56015016116519089<1771425645*
Fruit 'n Yogurt Parfait (w/o granola)10.9 (310 g)28035421511553<1408240256
Snack Size Fruit 'n Yogurt Parfait»5.3 (149 g)160202158530<1214*15154
Snack Size Fruit 'n Yogurt Parfait (w/o granola)»5.0 (142 g)1301521555250194*15102
Vanilla Reduced Fat Ice Cream Cone3.2 (90 g)150404.53207523017462102
Kiddie Cone1.0 (29 g)45151.5152070612*4*
Strawberry Sundae6.3 (178 g)2907075309550<1467102202
Hot Caramel Sundae6.4 (182 g)360901063518061047710225*
Hot Fudge Sundae6.3 (179 g)34010012930170521478102254
Nuts (for Sundaes)0.3 (7 g)40303.500552<102****
Baked Apple Pie2.7 (77 g)260120133.5020034<1133*4026
Chocolate Chip Cookie1 cookie(39 g)1708093515023<11424**4
® Chocolate Chip Cookies2.0 (57 g)280130148401703712038*28
® Cookies2.0 (57 g)23070820250381123***10
Butterfinger ® McFlurry ™ (12 fl cup)12.3 (348 g)62019022147026090<17616254452
Butterfinger® McFlurry™ (16 fl cup)17.8 (504 g)9002803120100370131111123356702
M&M® McFlurry™ (12 fl cup)12.3 (348 g)6302002315752109018116254502
M&M® McFlurry™ (16 fl cup)17.8 (504 g)9103003322105300131211723356704
Oreo® McFlurry™ (12 fl cup)11.9 (337 g)57018020127028082<16915254456
Oreo® McFlurry™ (16 fl cup)17.2 (487 g)8202602917100420119110022356708
Nestle Crunch® McFlurry™ (12 fl cup)12.3 (348 g)63022024167523089<17816254502
Nestle Crunch® McFlurry™ (16 fl cup)17.8 (504 g)9203203523110340129111323356702

* Contains less than 2% of the Daily Value of these nutrients
Available at participating McDonalds
** Percent Daily Values (DV) are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
Strawberry smoothie or shake

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