Nutrition And Calories In McDonalds Sandwiches

Look at the nutrition values including calories, fat, cholestrerol, carbohydrates, sodium, etc. in McDonalds Sandwiches such as Hamburger, Cheeseburger, Quarter Pounder®, Big Mac®, Big N' Tasty®, McChicken®, etc. A Double Quarter Pounder® with Cheese contains 760 calories, out of which 430 calories comes from fat. It also contains 1450 mg sodium and 165 mg cholesterol.

Note that the nutrition values are as per year 2000. Check McDonalds web site for current nutrition data. Source: The dats compiled from

Items SizeCaloriesCalories
from fat (g)
Total fatSatu-
rated fat
Choles- terol
SodiumCarbo- hydrate
Fiber (g) Sugar (g)Protein
% Daily Value
Vita AVita CCal-
Hamburger3.7 oz (105 g)2809010430560352712*42015
Cheeseburger4.2 oz (119 g)33013014645800352715442515
Double Cheeseburger6.1 oz (173 g)48024027128512203727251043520
Quarter Pounder®6.1 oz (171 g)42019021870780362823*42025
Quarter Pounder® with Cheese7.0 oz (199 g)53027030139512503829281043525
Double Quarter Pounder® with Cheese9.9 oz (280 g)760430482016514503829461044040
Big Mac®7.6 oz (215 g)5803003311851050473724643525
Big N' Tasty®8.2 oz (232 g)5302903210807903728246152025
Big N' Tasty® with Cheese8.7 oz (247 g)580330371295103037282610153025
Filet-O-Fish®5.5 oz (156 g)470240265507304515154*2010
Chicken McGrill®7.5 oz (213 g)400160173608903726256102015
Crispy Chicken7.7 oz (219 g)500230264.55011004626226102015
McChicken®5.2 oz (147 g)430210234.5458404136142*2015
Hot 'n Spicy McChicken®5.1 oz (145 g)45023026545830391515**3540
Grilled Chicken Flatbread8.9 oz (253 g)52020022970159054462815153020

* Contains less than 2% of the Daily Value of these nutrients.

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