Amchur Powder

Amchur Powder Health Benefits

Amchoor Powder

Amchur powder is unripe or green mangoes, sliced and sun dried and ground into a fine powder. Amchoor has a pleasant sweet-sour aroma of dried fruit, astringent, but also sweet fruity flavour. Amchoor has a cooling effect and is good for digestion. In English it is known as Mango Powder. This spice adds sour taste like tamarind or lemon, and is used as either whole or ground. It has qualities as lemon or lime juice. Tamarind paste can also be substituted with amchur.

If you do not have amchur, substitute three tablespoons of lemon or lime juice for one teaspoon of amchur. The use of amchur is confined chiefly to Indian cookery in curries, soups, chutneys,chutneys and marinades.

Amchur is acidic and astringent and has high Vitamin A and Vitamin C content. Health benefits and medicinal uses of raw mango powder or amchur are given below:

  1. Due to its high iron content, amchur is useful to people suffering from anemia and pregnant women.
  2. It is a source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. Amchur is very effective in treatment of Vitamin C deficiency disease Scurvy.
  3. Amchur improves digestion.
  4. It reduces acidity.
  5. Amchur has antioxidants.
  6. Amchur has anticancer cabilities.
  7. Amchur power is effective in improving clogged pores of the skin.

Tips for Storing & using Amchur

  • Amchur is available in powder form. Amchoor should be stored in airtight containers in a cool dark place. It loses its potency due to heat, light, and air. Amchur should not be kept near strong smelling spices like cinnamon or bay leaf.

  • Do not store amchoor, mango powder in refrigerator, humidity will destroy it.

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