Curry Leaves, Nutrition of Curry Leaves, Curry Patta

Curry Patta (Curry leaves)

Curry leaves (scientific name: Murraya Koenigi, Hindi करी पत्ता) are extensively used in Southern India (now also in North India) and Sri Lanka for giving typical flavor to many dishes, mainly vegetarian, like sambar, khaman dhokla, rice preparation, etc. It is also used now in many parts of the world.

Picture of Curry Leaf

Curry Leaves

Curry leaves are genarally used fresh. Because of their soft texture, they are never removed before serving, but can be eaten without any hazard.

In Sri Lanka, the delicious chicken and beef curries are flavoured with curry leaves; the leaves are further more used for kottu roti, vegetables and sliced bread which are quickly fried together.

All parts of the curry plant can be used, including its fruit, stalk and roots. Curry leaves may be kept in the refrigerator for some time, but are better kept frozen, do not remove them from the branches before usage! The curry leaves lose their aroma if dried.

Nutritional Values

Curry leaves contain 2.5% oil, alpha-selinene, beta-bisabolene, beta-cadinene, beta-caryophyllene, beta-elemene, beta-gurjenene, beta-phellandrene, beta-thujene and beta-transocimene. These ingredients give curry leaves it typical aroma.


Value per 100g
63.800 gm   
6.100 gm   
1.000 gm   
4.000 gm   
6.400 gm   
18.700 gm   
108.000 K cal
830.000 mg   
57.000 mg   
0.930 mg   
 Folic Acid (Free)
 Folic Acid (Total)
 Vitamin C
7560.000 µg    
0.080 mg   
0.210 mg   
2.300 mg   
23.500 µg    
93.900 µg    
4.000 mg   
Minerals & Trace Elements
 Oxalic Acid
 Phytin Phosphorus
44.000 mg   
0.100 mg   
0.150 mg   
0.200 mg   
0.006 mg   
81.000 mg   
198.000 mg   
132.000 mg   
35.000 mg   

Health benefits

Curry leaves are beneficial in constipation, stomack problems, vomiting, nausea, snake bite, spots and rashes.

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