Hotness of Spices

Hotness scale: o - 10. 10 very hot, 0 very very mild.

Spice Hotness
0-10 scale
Ajowan5thyme-like, astringent
Allspice4pungent, spicy
Bay2bitter, pungent
Cardamom2pungent, fragrant
Chilies4-10pungent, fiery
Cinnamon3sweet, fragrant, pungent
Clove5pungent, astringent
Coriander1warm, aromatic
Dill1bitter sweet, cool
Fenugreek2burnt sugar, bitter
Garlic2-6fiery, alliaceous
Ginger7fiery, pungent
Lemon Grass1sour
Mint1aromatic, cooling
Mustard3-8sharp, fiery
Nutmeg1warm, nutty
Paprika2-6warm, sweet
Peppercorns3-8pungent, hot
Poppy seed0nutty, aromatic
Saffron0fragrant, pungent
Turmeric3aromatic, warm, bitter
Vanilla1fragrant, sweet

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