How To Make Kaju Katli & Kaju Burfi

Kaju Katli and kaju Burfi are considered as a very good dessert in India. Many people think that Kaju Katlis are difficult to make, but they can be made at home by the easy and quick recipe, evolved by Padma Mehta. This recipe makes very tasty and good looking Katlis, tastes better than Haldiram's katlis.

While kaju katli is made of 100% kaju, the kaju burfi (cashew burfi) is made of milk and kaju.

Recipe type: Nuts product, no added fat
Preparation time: 30 minute


  • Kaju (cashews), 250 g
  • Water, 50 ml
  • Sugar 125 g
  • Varak (silver foil), 3-4 sheets (optional)


  1. Grind dry kaju in a grinder to a fine powder (due to oil in cashews, it may become a paste or lump). Do not add any water while grinding. Keep aside.
  2. Take sugar in a pan and add water. Boil till a single thread chasni (syrup) is formed, about 3-4 minutes after the syrup starts boiling.
  3. Switch off the burner but do not remove the pan. Mix kaju paste into the syrup, break balls (lumps) with a spoon, pressing it and moving it in circular motion, stir well. Let it cool so that it becomes thicker.
  4. Transfer it on a greased surface and roll it with a rolling pin to about 4-5 mm thickness.
  5. Let it cool and apply silver foil gently.
  6. After about 1-2 hour, cut the Katlis into diamond shape.

Note:Kaju Katli
Picture of kaju katli -->

  1. The ratio of kaju to sugar is 2:1. This means that if you take 2 katori Kaju pieces, then take 1 katori sugar.
  2. The ratio of sugar to water is 1:0.4. This means that if you take 1 katori sugar, then take 40% water, that is slightly less than half a katori.
  3. If the kaju katli is not fully set, place it in fridge for overnight. Take out the katlis in the morning from the fridge and put them in a warm place like an owen so that the moisture from the atmosphere do not condense on the katlis. When the katlis come to room temperature, then remove from the owen.
  4. If some tiny lumps of kaju paste do not break, it does not matter.
  5. The kaju katli remains good for about 4-6 weeks under normal room temperature.

This recipe produces katlis very quickly and makes whiter katlis. Many web sites and even Halwaiis grind the kaju in water and then heat the paste to evaporate the water. Our method of making katli is very quick and scores of our guests to whom we served these katlis were delighted to know that they were made at home and not from Haldiram. Actually the katlis made by this recipe are better than any commercial katlis.

Nutrition And Calories in Kaju Katli & Cashews

Kaju Katlis are high is calories. 1 piece of kaju Katli contains about 50 calories, of which about 30 calories come from fat.

Cashews have no cholesterol and are rich in antioxidants, copper and magnesium. One cashew contains following calories:

Nutrition per 1 cashew
Raw - 8 cal
Dry roasted - 8 cal
Oil roasted - 9 cal

A serving of 20 cashews contains about 162 calories, 13.4 grams of fat and 8.4 grams of carbohydrates. 100 g of cashews have Calories: 578 calories.

Health Benefits of Cashews

Only 25% of fat in cashew comes from saturated fat, while about 75 % of the fat comes from heart friendly oleic acid, which is also found in olive oil. Cashews help keep teeth and gums healthy. By eating a handful of cashews a day, one can reduce the risk of getting gallstones by 25%.

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